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†Mork's Dø®K† (shallow__blood) wrote,
@ 2005-10-05 14:56:00
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    Current mood: hungry

    Hungry hungry hippo
    Well sir, waiting for Mark to get off work, gotta get food!!! God were starving! No food in the house at all.
    I went to shoppers today with mom and got a skull candle holder, and a skull thingy for Mark. They had a skeleton hand, and a mummys hand candle holder...i want it, but i gotta watch my money. I love halloween. OHHHH the candy, i have my first of four dentist appointments for a some fillings before halloween,so hopefully my tetth wont hurt that bad.

    We satyed up till 12:30 watching the Quintin Tarentino directed csi was awsome, im starting to like csi. I was dreaming about a bag of entrails being next to me in bed, lol.

    Oh man i dont want to go to superstore today.....i hate food shopping.....but i want a cactus from there, the cats knocked over my little one and broke it, fuckers, they piss me off when there not being cute.

    WE cleaned the fish tank!!! You can tell the rocks are blue!! Its the worst thing fish tanks.

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2005-10-06 08:37 (link)
Halloween is the best!!!

I gotta clean Pete's bowl out soon....hes starting to get

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