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__star of a new s0ng+ (shaded_wingsxx) wrote,
@ 2003-04-09 15:24:00
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    Current mood: calm

    funny how life treats you. its reaching 4 years now since i actully started this journey. and its amazing to see myself come full circle. I was stuck wanting hopes but didnt realize how i was treating myslef/ others and who i was letting in. when i started this journey i didnt listen to myself and now my eyes are wide open. i didnt realize though all the pain that it was trying to tell me that what i wanted was not right. i houldnt have ever put up with what i did. I went though my livejournal to make it friends only and i realized that i have changed. I know it, alana knows it, britty does and im sure nickel and megan think so to. and its for the better to which they agree. i am not the same person four years ago. i am not depressed any more. i needed to be free of everything and distance myself to do it. i promised everyone i would but i never did. and now i have. i fel as all the bullshit i went though and to suisidal nights made me complete and now i am a whole person ready to offer a new and better person to the world. and i know know i am strong and i know that i can do anything and i am never looking back.

    im extremly happy and extremly so my bubbly self and it rox.

    Monday:Ashely was hyper and came up behind me in the lunch line being random. then she was acting crazy and riping her sandwich open like a lovable crazy person <333 heh. Swapna was all like "sarah tell her to stop" and so we go to the libary..crazyness continues and finally me and ashley go looking for a book and were skiping around. well we obvously are ditzy and didnt know that the book was non ficton so the lady all like " non fictons that way" so we skip over there and shes like oooo its above stds..i wonder if they say how to get them blah blah its all a blur cuz she was sayig sooo much and i was histericly laughing my ass off. she we go tell swaptna and indera what is going on. then there like were loonies and ashleys all like " i can look at sarah and with my magic powers make her laugh" and she looks at me and i start laughing I LAuGHTED FOR 15 MINUTES STRAIGHT! its been 6 months since i did that. im back im back im back! and ashleys all like "we must bear with sarah when she gets like this" and the like "move away slowly" me and ashley just kept laughing. they said the we looked like we were on crack cuz our eyes were so glazed over and i left still laughing as tears streamed.. god IT WAS AWESOME!!

    Tuesday:hyper again at lunch. swapna was trying to study for her test and me and ashley were all loud. i was talking to myself and ashley was singing. Shes like " your deterimind to driv eme insane arent ya" and i was like " im not trying to" and she said something about us in the conext of friends and im like yey were your friends..but wait thats sad cuz were loonie i dunno it probally sounds all lame but its soo funny when your there. and alycia laughed when we were telling her on the bus. *is surprised paddy [my best friend<33]hasnnt chained me to a chair yet for being so hyper*

    Toda was ok as well sorta hyper but also studying for chem test..i dunno it was good just not anything exciting to talk about

    heh have been keping up with your journals...ima go see if theres anything i can respond with out being random tehehe

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2003-04-09 19:07 (link)
glad things are going good for you:)

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