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Starr (sexystarrgurl) wrote,
@ 2003-03-27 16:53:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:whatevers on mtv rite now

    Boys who made them so complicated anyway?
    I like him soo much. But dont kno if he feels the same. I want to tell all an at the same time i want to hide it all. Some thimes i think maybe but then realize what if its not.....why isnt this easier.....why cant this be like when i was in grade school an i could have my friends find out for i feel dumb doing that like i should know i shouldnt have to have someone investigate for me.........hes soo sweet to me , hes soo someone i want to actually 'waste' my time on someone im actually intrested in...for the first time since all the shit that happened with me a the doodie headed ex whos name i vowed i would never speak again, i want actually put myself out there an risk the pain of getting hurt....its good because im over it finally but its bad cuz well i remember the pain ............sigh guess ill just have to wait it out...well see. . . .

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