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Starr (sexystarrgurl) wrote,
@ 2003-04-10 16:48:00
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    Current mood:Like WTF?
    Current music:None

    So i hung out with that boy on tuesday. He said he was gonna call at a lil past eight.....yea well maybe my definition of a lil past eight is wrong but im not sure that 9:45 is a LIL past eight then he talked to me for awhile an was like why dont we meet up i want to introduce crystal to my friend dave i was like ok sure ....... didnt meet him until like 1130 . . .. it was a messed up nite first he was like yea i wanna hang out i wanna stay with u tonite i have something to do in the am but im not gonna do it so it doesnt matter if i stay up........key werd being something not somethings or things just something......then we went here went there an brought his friend home an he was like oh im just gonna stay here tonite im too tired to drive an blah blah blah....he was saying this as he was sipping on a coffee mind u..... so me being upset because i had just gone along for a ride that was like 1/2 hour out of my way because i thought that he was gonna spend the nite...... got in my car an left with crystal...hmmm...i made the 1/2 hour drive home in just over 10 mins. thats how 'happy' i was . . . . then im gettin ready to go to bed an crystals like hey i have a voice mail it was dave saying that jesse changed his mind an that they were coming over so by the time crystal called bak they were like already at the house....i still dont kno why they changed their minds an came bak but what ever i was still agitated an grrrrrrr to say the least i just put on my cutest pajamas just because i could an crawled into bed an went to sleep. Then i wake up like 41/2 hours later to jesse tossin an turnin (keep in mind that this was all happening at like 430 in the am) an he was soo cute i couldnt resist a couple of kisses an just when he restored hisself to cute ness status ....... it went down hill again. He started sayin that he had to get bak to his car an blah blah blah an when i was like what the hell i thought u didnt have anything to do today an he was like well im not gonna do what i had to do at nine but i do have other things to do....well WTF seriously. Dont tell me u dont have anything to do then all of a sudden have things to do again. shit if u cant hang then like u more if u were like oh i have to go home i have things to do in the am rather than say oh im not doin what i have to do then all of a sudden have things to do....duh. Seriously. So then he did his thangs an we ended up hangin out with him an dave again last nite except i kept gettin attitude from him for no reason he was just being not hisself an i wasnt to thrilled so i cut the visit short an took crystal an left hey if he has to be that way i can ruin it for his friend too. . . . shit. Take that .. .. .. .. so im supposed to see him tonite an well i kno hes gonna wanna come home with me im gonna look hottttt soo well see ~oNe~

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