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Starr (sexystarrgurl) wrote,
@ 2003-04-08 12:28:00
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    Current mood:Wishful bliss
    Current music:Makeover story on tlc

    It must be spring
    Whats with this crazy weather? Seriously. I mean i kno its New England an all but still i've definatly had enough for one season. And it has to be spring because well ive met the beautiful person i want to keep all for me an that never happens in the winter... they only come out with the nice weather remember??? Everytime i see him go it leaves me calculating the exact seconds to when i can see him again. The exact seconds to when ill see that sabb 9/5 pull up an see him get out smilin like he usually is when he sees me, u know the smile the one that certian person gives that makes u feel like ur the only one around for miles an miles........He gives me that feeling inside that hes the one i want to spend my time with. He makes me feel soo good, so safe when im with him. A feeling that i havent felt in so long. Something that im almost scared of but at the same time something that makes me so incrediably happy that im not sure weather i should run away or right into his strong open arms. He spent the first nite he met me telling my roomate how adorable i was an so-on but still its strange i never thought that i would feel this way ever again never thought that i would be willing to let every thing else around me fall in order to spend time with him, in order to look into his eyes an feel the way he makes me feel. Its crazy and it has me tossing an turning all nite, unless hes by my side then i sleep like a baby its funnie how that werks huh? How there can be so many people in my life that like me, that want to spend time with me, that i might give that feeling to as well, but of all of them its only one that does the same for me. Poor unsuspecting souls. Im afraid to hurt others but in all reality iam "just a friend" to any and all of them so i guess its just fair how that werks. Hes so beautiful. Hes soo hott. Hes so smart. And if i play my cards rite. . . hes soooo mine. Wish me luck. :op

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