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Amanda (sexyshawty360) wrote,
@ 2003-06-20 18:05:00
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    Current mood: bouncy

    so, i got all my stuff packed and in the car. i'm so proud of myself!! oooh...and my shoes are all clean now since i washed them in the dishwasher. lol. the cloth part is still wet though. my feet are gon' b a lil chilly! good times. goodness...i hope sumone has a computer down there...i think i will go insane w/out one!! hopefully they'll at least have BET. that's the best...needta learn me sum dance moves from the music videos. lol. awww... i'm gonna miss mah kitty. he's so adorable. i heard charlie singin and playin the guitar outside, so i decided to watch him out the window. next thang i knew...he looked up. it was so emburressing. lol. my momma is trippin cuz my dad isn't home...he still has to come home and take a shower. it's 6:15 and we still have to drive to the airport, park the car at sum hotel, ride over to the airport from the hotel, go through all the security, so the dumb people know we aren't terrorists, and get sum food sumwhere in there. i wish i could drive b4 we leave. it's all good my gramps is gonna let me drive in 'bama. hopefully....this is gonna b a long trip...i can tell now...omg...this is dad needs to hurry...he's bein sucha bum...i've been ready since jenny jones! lol. shoot...i'm gonna go call sumone b4 i fly millions of miles away.

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