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melly (sexymojo) wrote,
@ 2003-02-18 18:34:00
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    well it started out pretty good....slept a lil late though...i got to school and sat in mrs coates room for a lil while...i talked to her about my problems and what happened over the weekend...i explained that the nottie is not sucha nottie anymore i think i'm in love w/ him! o darn...anywyas i was doin pretty good...until 6th period i lost it...well i wsa walkin down the hall to get water and i was kinda depressed ya know from all the stuff that had happened over the weekend...and well christian (who's not much of a christian at all) was out in the hall (he was in trouble of course) well i had this look of depression and he was like melissa are you ok? and i just walked by and ignored when i walked back by he asked a second time so i was so overwhelmed w/ anger i just snapped at him (which i regret now) WHY DO YOU CARE?! and he had the nerve to say THAT WAS HARSH i turned and glared at him and just screamed YOU'RE HARSH ugh i was sooo mad i just went back into mrs lawrence's room and laid my head on the desk and didn't say a word til i got to mrs coates class (my sanctuary...if i'm ever down in the blues...i go to mrs c. she knows what to do!) well i worked pretty good becuase i was sooooooooo mad so that was good maybe this should happen every day! anywyas gotta go shelley's comin! more later! wait i need to add stuff about this afternoon....well i got home and got on aol immediately (of course) and i checked my email,...well then aaron got on and we talked for a lil while....then i decided to send him an email w/ my true was kinda mean but o well MORE LATER bye

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