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* }}|{{ * babyqirl (sexxiisierra) wrote,
@ 2004-01-23 16:29:00
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2004-01-29 18:12 (link)
- brittini why the fuck are you always commenting in my mother fucking journal? i do not fucking know you or even acknowledge that you exist. your a fat dumbass little hoe from along ass time ago and i want nothing to do with you. why cant you just mind your own business and stay the fuck outta my life? cause you have ABSLOUTLY NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT. why are you sitting there talking shit like you know who ive been with or something? you dont know shit about me so stop pretending like you do.

- and about me being PREGNANT how the fuck did you hear that? and IF i was i've still never been happier. im with nick and things are great. so dont you fucking worry about it. WHY DO YOU SPEND SO MUCH TIME WORRYING ABOUT WHATS GOING ON WITH ME?! get your own shit straight first. you are a fucking little girl nothing more.

- megan, damn straight. i wish everyone had thier mind right like you.

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