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* }}|{{ * babyqirl (sexxiisierra) wrote,
@ 2004-01-23 16:29:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:nothing

    waiting for nick
    went to school today. the guidance counseloer or whatever, me, and my mom had a big "talk". same old shit, my mom and i bullshited, she acted like she cared, da da da. its whatever. we had like 3 subs today so it was all chill. and i got some kidd to let me "borrow" his brand new abercrombie sweater =] score! and hm, nothing else really. me + derek got in trouble on the bus today. we werent even doing shit! ugh but whatever. then i came home, and i was all happy cause i thought nick be here waiting for me but NO. and now its 6:30 (i know i started writing this forever ago and left it on) and i STILL dont have a clue where the hell he is or what im doing tonight. so far all ive done is laundry. not exactly my idea of a kick ass friday night. ahh im gettin pissed off now. shit like this aggravates me. i miss amanda. ALOT. and yeah my birthday is comin up next wednesday. whoa there killer whered time go?! imma ask my mom for the new reebok soldierees with the pink chrome and a south pole sweater and clothes and a good bag and yeah the list could go on forever so ill stop there. and well nothin else. hopefully tonight fucking gets it shit together! lol bye yall.

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2004-01-24 10:31 (link)
back to creek, you went?

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2004-01-26 14:47 (link)
obviously not. have you seen me there??

<3 sierra

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2004-01-26 20:17 (link)
sierra, ur a fucking slut! go fuck how many guys again?! seriously chill out on that dick! y cant u just stick to one guy...not 50 guys!! im surprised u got any friends b/c a lot of gurls dont like u at all cuz ur a nasty fucking slut. u think ur "miss perfect" but ur def. not!! ur an ugly bitch, and ur just so nasty. i wouldnt be surpirsed if u got any diseases cuz u fucked a lot of ppl. and u treat ur mom like shit...damn i hope u get locked up for a long time and learn ur fucking lesson. well idk what else to say cuz u disgust me! U FUCKING NASTY ASS SLUT!!!!! PEACE THE FUCK OUT BITCH!!

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its me brittini
2004-01-28 12:02 (link)
omg you slut your fucking pregnate!!! you said ima slut your fucking pregnate you fucking nasty ass whore omg i feel bad if you have that kid please dont your too fucking imature to handle a kid fucking crack whore.. omg i cant fucking believe this OH WAIT YES I CAN
xoxo brittini

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Re: its me brittini
2004-01-29 10:44 (link)

you said ima slut your fucking pregnate you fucking nasty ass whore

just because shes PREGNANT*, if she even is, doesnt mean your not a slut. she could be pregnant by one guy and you could've slept with 10. your not proving any points here.

brittni i seriously dont have a problem with you but honestly, what the fuck is it to you if sierra is pregnant or not? you fucking leave stupid ass comments on her journal alllllll the time.. get the fuck over it. you dont like her, she dont like you, DROP IT. if you hate her so much then why are you wasting your time?

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2004-01-28 12:20 (link)
read my journal

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2004-01-28 15:39 (link)
stfu brittini id rather be nasty than a fatass whore. stay the fuck out of everyones life

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2004-01-29 18:12 (link)
- brittini why the fuck are you always commenting in my mother fucking journal? i do not fucking know you or even acknowledge that you exist. your a fat dumbass little hoe from along ass time ago and i want nothing to do with you. why cant you just mind your own business and stay the fuck outta my life? cause you have ABSLOUTLY NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT. why are you sitting there talking shit like you know who ive been with or something? you dont know shit about me so stop pretending like you do.

- and about me being PREGNANT how the fuck did you hear that? and IF i was i've still never been happier. im with nick and things are great. so dont you fucking worry about it. WHY DO YOU SPEND SO MUCH TIME WORRYING ABOUT WHATS GOING ON WITH ME?! get your own shit straight first. you are a fucking little girl nothing more.

- megan, damn straight. i wish everyone had thier mind right like you.

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