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Cathy (sexxgoddess21) wrote,
@ 2004-03-12 13:27:00
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    We have a basketball game tomorrow night, and I am so excited. I can't hardly even believe that Swan Valley made it this far in the districts. Tonight we are playing Bridgeport, and I'm nervous. Last night Bridgeport beat Shepard by four points. In OVERTIME!! I am really excited though, because our fans are so hyper at these district games. All the girls are painting things on their faces and then they are dying their hair. They're gonna wear ribbons and everyone is wearing a white shirt, so we will have a white-out. Then the guys are all painting their faces and dying all of their hair. At the last game the crowd was so hyped up that you couldnt even hear the cheerleaders. Cody, Jeff, Ryan and I bet a ton of other people came to the game wasted off their butts, and they were so funny. They kept taking out ponpoms and playing with them when we would go down for the foul shots. They were the ones keeping the crowd alive. At the game on Wednesday, Tim scored 5 points, and one of his baskets was a three pointer! I was proud. i know that three points isnt a lot, but it kind of is for him. He actually got to play in fron tof his snobby cousins, so he was sooo happy. i lvoe tim and cheerleading and basketball games.
    im out

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2004-03-12 17:26 (link)
hi cathy, im sarah. u've been reading my journal and i must say ur life sounds interesting too. LOL, i looked @ ur info and i have ur AIM sn, so ill IM u sumtime. ttys, sarah

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