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Katy (sexikittykat) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 00:21:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:i wanna b bad

    Do Do DO!!!
    dude... omg i haven't written in a long time!! lol.. so itz all been good da last week... mikez bdae on thur. he got soooo many toyz n' stuff... lol.. altho im not sure hu wuz playing iwt dem more tha adultz or him... o n' then yulia n' irena said my boobz were hard.. ((lol...)) o n' then fri. chrissy n' i made sum late nite planz n' went 2 da mall wit kyle, marcelo, n' hiz cuz ((who wuz kinda weird...)) it wuz soooo much fun.. i mean we saw shameka, abbey, n' olivia.. ((we think they were high.. n'chris confirmed it)) n' like yea.. so then we were stalked by casey, corine, brien, n' these otha ppl.. xcept they were stalkin us cuz they wanted 2 c chrissy's bf steve.. hu wuznt there.. lol n' then we went 2 c spy kidz.. which wuz like soooo much fun i mean we were all loud n' like we didnt get in trouble of course it wuz like 9:15 ((no kidz shud b there.. wrong!! they're bedtime)) buh like we were screaming cuz we thought those thingz were gonna hit us.. o n' of course mrs.homa, ms.ferris, n' mr.hanau... i can't blieve that like sylvester stalone, george clooney ((kellyz husband..)) n' elijah wood ((GO BAK 2 THA sHIRE FRODO!! omg hez sooo hott)) were in da movie... buh like da glasses got annoying 2 tho... i mean.. lol OMG HEZ HOTT!! lol rez... omg chrissy we're seeing that movie again.. u can c it wen i c it wit emily n' those ppl... n' like then on sun. it wuz mikeyz bbq.. n' like irena n' i made chris come n' we rode the tram 2 many timez.. o n' according 2 irena my boobz got bigger.. LoL... how weird.. shez my cuz.. n' like yea so we were jus hangin out over there.. n' then i didn't get my fav. cake.. :-(... o n' julia caught a big flounder.. LoL... so yea... n' then 2dae i didnt reali do nethin.. jus chillin ya kno... so itz all good.. o n' yea.. still liking paul.. lol.. yea scott can jus b a friend wit benefitz.. lol... yea..

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