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Katy (sexikittykat) wrote,
@ 2003-07-27 14:50:00
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2003-07-28 16:42 (link)
HAHHA!!!! dude! im hyper! yea it was kewl tho! HAHA! HYPER! memba wat his name meens? omgosh! im so odd i meen common now mii favorite website is! lol hahaha. okay. i need to CALM down... but itz hrad! im hyper!!! omgosh i sprayed that sour stuff in mii eyes... they were red as heck! omgosh i feel so stupid sometimes! like i also got a hikki from that snapple bottle! oh yea... did i tell you that i think i have this telepathic thing with the wind? dude... itz funni! hehehe! oh yea so like im gonna calm down now seriouslii... iight homie g? lol hehehe. im sooooooooo bored. rrrrrrr. so yea. this thing is kewl! okie ima go now.... i lylas! n yes i am obsessed!!! WEEEE!!!! okie... i'll tty on aim... mwahahaha.... i love tha internet..... lylas! oh ps- yoo knoe he'd look hott in a tite red dress with spaghetti straps n a slit up tha side... oh yes... so sexii! lol... soooooooooo SEXIIFUL!!!!! WEEEE!!! okie... now this is tha part wen yoo go "damn... wat have you been smokin?!" lol well "NOTHING!" smoking's nasty blah! okay im reelie gonna go... omgosh! i love this song! okay i knoe im random! but hey... i have a rite to be! im cc!

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