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* MiKeS bAbY gIrL..* (sexii_kitty_x0) wrote,
@ 2004-10-16 19:05:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music: MaSe Cd

    finally i can cOme Online! well mOm n dad were being bitches n decided to take the cOmputer away bcuz i was talking tO michael n since i called him i gOt in sO much trOuble but Oh well i styll called him alOt n stuff n this week he finally came bakk tO skOol bcuz he wasnt suspended anymOre! YAY! OviOusly i dOnt remember wut i did all that tyme that i culdnt cOme Online soO im just gOnna write abOut last nite>>

    came hOme frOm skoOl n was wicked bOred n all madd n stuff bcuz i didnt think mOm was gOnna lemme dO anything but then i called lauryn n she said she was gOing tO the mall n mOvies with nina....n asked if i wanted tO gO sO i asked mOm n cOnvinced her tO let me gO bcuz i tOld her it was gOnna be a "girls nite" n b4 the mOvies ninas mOm was gOnna bring us tO pizza hut....but we really went tO the mall but Oh well she dOnt needa knO that...umm yeah sO we went tO the mOvies n danielle n chelsey were there sO we hung Out with them fOr a while there n then went tO the mOvies...michael went...yippee! we saw taxi..bOring? i dunnO i dOnt really remember wut it was abOut..wuteverrr! lol well yeah then after the mOvie we went Outside n just hung Out there n michael was being all nise n stuff but then he left me n went tO gO dO sOmthing but i guess he didnt dO that certain sOmthing...Oh well he styll left me tO gO dO that! sO i screamed i hate yOu n it echOed HAHA! that was hilariOus :0) all the peOple that were Outside starred at me n i was lyk umm hi? it wasnt mee!! lOl well i called mOm lyk 3847856 tymes bcuz i wanted tO sleepOver lauryns but Of cOurse i culdnt bcuz i hav a WEIRD mOther n wOnt lemme dO anything...she said "well u did enuf this weekend (which it was Only friday sO it wasnt Officially the weekend yet) yOu went tO the mOvies n yOu needa sleep 2nite!" GR!!!!! she gets me SOOOOO madd!!! sO i came hOme n did nOthing~ tOday was bOring i dOnt feel lyk writing abOut it..*gO yAnKeEs* :0( i miss michael! bye byee

    <33 * KaY k *

    bOy yOu leave me [[breathless]] * yOu keep me drOwning in yOur lOve *

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2004-10-21 12:34 (link)

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2004-10-22 17:38 (link)
hey u dont know me but i know like everyone calls you a slut and stuff nd i dont get why ?? i think your pretty cool even thought all my friends dont like you . lol . nd i think your really pretty too . no i'm not a stalker or anything.. lol .. i just wanted to let you know because of all the people that are saying shit :o)

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2004-10-23 12:36 (link)
well every1 that doesnt kno me always talks shyt about me...but i guess once u get 2 kno me im not wut every1 thinks i am...anyways thanx!

<33 MeE*

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