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~**Sara**~ (sexiestmanjdw05) wrote,
@ 2004-06-11 23:27:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:*led zeppelin*

    hey all i know i havent updated this in like seriously forever but ya know i have a livejournal so i update that a lot more but i jus decided to update this one cuz im bored.

    yesterday was extremely and i mean extrememly depressing i never thought i would be saying this but i want to go bak to school cuz i miss it sooooo much! i tryed not to cry all day but when i got home man ugh i sooooo cryed.....and i have this picture of me and deanna on my computer desk and i had to flip it over cuz everytime i looked at it i cryed again or yeah and then holy crap i sooo ceen jeremy AND tony today i was soooo excited seriously but yeah it was like for a split second cuz we were driving i was with my friend and i passed the road to the school and jeremy was sitting there in his car with bill then she had to get gas so when we were waiting to turn into kroger tony passed by i was like woe lol and deanna would know that story haha yeah well im gonna go now i jus wanted to say something. lata on pc

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