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Samantha (sexiebabie2o) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 15:56:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:Collective Soul - Shine

    yaya i just got back frm the docotrs and im happy but not as happy as i could be! i*m allowed to practice again and do jumps but NO tumbling yet cuz he said i dont wanna take the chance of re-injuring my knee and i guess hes right...

    I dont think today could*ve gotten anymore boring either! No i slept in till around 11, got my shower and got ready which took ehhh around an hour n a half, then talked to my babie (everythings going okay with him now!) then went and stopped at 7-11 with the mother! :o) i must say the beef encilada go go tequitos are AWESOME! you should try some sometime!! Then picked up my brother from school, drove out to Sylvania for my appt, came home, and yeah now im writing this! And tomorrow whoa i can tell it*s gonna be a fun day too, get to go to school, take a 4 hour long test, and then come home and spend the rest of the day with the boyfriend since he doesn*t have to work :o) woo hoo!

    I cant wait till Friday....Last game of the year, Biggest game of the year, and Biggest Rivalry of the year, it*S gonna be a party! Stritch vs Northwood! awww yea! I hope i see Jeremy*s ex gf Amber there, because she*s been asking to get bitched at! But i*m a nice girl so i won*t :o) plus if Mrs. J sees me..Goodbye to cheering basketball season! I deff dont want that, so there shouldnt be THAT much trouble! Maybe i*ll talk to Rachel Mae and go out afterwards or something...ya know a lil drinkin!! haha who knows...

    It*s a 4 day weekend and i have tons of you honestly think that i even started it yet?! haaa notta chance! lots of honors bio, honors english, french, alg, and mwh! yeah mwh will take the most time but i had awh friday and didnt have homework in fahim*s class so i left my book in my locker totally forgetting that i needed it for my mwh homework so now im basically screwed until i can get it tomorrow!

    Uhh does anyone know if we had cheerleading practice today??? I think im gonna call Coach Ashley or Mrs J right now and uhh ask them if we did and uhhh tell them if we did, i didnt know and had a dr appt! oops!

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