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*--->Brittany<---* (sexibl0ndie010) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 18:33:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:perfect- simple plan

    *my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and their like, its better than yours*
    halloween horror nights.. the second time: it was AWSOME! we went in way more haunted houses.... the all night DrIvE in, the scream house revisited, psyco scarepy, and the fun house of fear. damn taht was the best time ive ever had in mai life. so amny more ppl came too.. me, alex, rachel, david, jesse, bj, nick, devin, samantha, shauna, barbara, and megan veltri. holy shit it was awsome. we went on the hulk this time, dueling dragons, and dr. doom. after everyone left, me devin, rachel, adn david all went on spider man, and the fucking thing shut down.. 2wice! we finally left hte park at like 1. it was sooo awsome. i would say details, but i dun want to. ha. ask some one else that i sed that went. after taht, i slept over rachels house.

    thursday: me and rachel woke up at like 12 and we went to her orthodonist apointment. she got rubber bands. umm i went home, and did nothing.

    friday: woke up, said happy birthday to mai mom, called alex, then figured out when i would come over to sleepover. i went to the mall for glamour shots at like 1, and then went to get mai tooth pulled. ghh. then when i got home, i called alex so i could come over. i ended up going over at like 5. Cluadia and her b/f were there. we went to get a movie at blockbuster.. ha that was funny. and then i called david while we were finishing it up. we stayed on teh fone until 3:50 that morning. but while we were one the fone, we went on her trampoline, and btw, alex was on the fone too. umm.. we were doing back tucks n shit while we were talking.. ha funnyness. ummm.. we went in her bed at liek... 12 or 1, and then alex fell asleep while i stayed on the fone with david till 3:50.

    the day alex and i will never forget: we woek up at 8:30 because we had to go to her carwash thingy. then we got there at like 10, washed cars, and made money. at like 12, andrea got the keys locked into the car so we were stuck upa t chic-fil-a till like 1 and then alex's uncle picked us up and brought us home. this is the part we'll never forget. we called david, adn his mom sed he was at jesse.. which was perfect.. so we called jesse and told him to meet us up at the wall that separates emerald forest and sand lake pointe. we ran as fast as we could b.c we snuck out of the house since her parents werent home. i cut mia self on the bushes too, and i was bleeding.. A LOT and i didnt even noe it. we finally got there... adn they werent there. we ran ALL the way back, adn then, she didnt know where we were. we finally got home, adn her mom had just wakled in.. thank god. so then they called, and tols us to meet hem up tehre again.. so we did, adn this time we COULD walk since her mo knew we ewre going there. we got there, adn they were there this time, they as in jesse, david, nick adn blake. so then we went home, and got on the trampoline wiht all of the guys, adn it was sooooo much fun. we put the hose on teh trampoline, and EVERYONE was soking frumm head to toe except fer blake, because he didnt get on there. but umm.. mai dad came and picked me up, and i hoped that he didnt see us b.c he doesnt want boys to be over a house... he thinks its "innapropriate". so i went home, and jill called, we went to the movies... saw texas chainsaw massacre.. that is the scariest movie i have ever seen in mai life. we got home at like 11:30, and went on the computer. i dont know what tiem we went to sleep though.

    sunday (today): me and jill woke up at 10 cause she had to call her mom. she left at like 1, and then me and mai mom went to costco to get mai contacts, but they werent there. so heres another day without being able to see. great. umm i got home and stayed on the computer the whole time. mai mommie made me type this gay thing for her job and that was s0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o boring. ghhhh. im getting ready for bonefish soo ill type later. peace out.

    i love david
    -s0o much-

    yay, tomorrow im not in mr. galski's class anymore! we switch 2 drama 2morra!

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*no no no its my milkshake*
2003-10-19 23:01 (link)
Wuts with everyone copying ME?! that song is in my profile bc its MY milkshake. I BETCHU DONT KNO WUT A MILKSHAKE IS EITHER (and no I'm not talkin bout the drink =]P). Hahah....well I do =). but I dont want to say bc its TOO inappropriate for this comment.


-->> MY <<-- milkshake brings all the bOiz to the yard...and they're like it's betta than yOurs, damn right-- It's betta than yOurs <3 =D

Well imma bOunce.. cuz its 11 pm... and I have lOads n lOads of gay hOmewOrk ...which I lOve dOing juss Oh sO much!


-->> I lOve Ted <<--
*.Since 1o03o3.*

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-->> TuPaCs ReSuRrEcTiON <<--
2003-10-22 23:45 (link)
anOther randOm erin thOught--->>>

did yOu knOw tupacs havin a mOvie cOme Out abOut his life... with him TELLING IT?! I mean c`mOn... he`s dead, right?

...we may never knOw...

^^ nOw yOu knOw..cuz its erin`s super shOrt shOw!!!

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brittany is cool
2003-10-25 00:06 (link)
brittany ur cool and i love u

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Re: brittany is cool
2003-10-28 15:25 (link)
how SWEET David!


I think Brittany should check her comments every now and then *coff coff* right Brittany? lmao =)

well im a mo fuckaaaa biatchhh <3

"If you want me to stay..I'll never leave....If you want me to stay...we'll always be..

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Re: brittany is cool
2003-12-01 14:43 (link)
ha. fuck this shit.

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this is the remix
2003-10-25 12:11 (link)
hey its rachel ok cant wait to the fall festival...its been a year! can some one please save us from punk rock 101 ok yeah umm nothin really to say..umm the y danc was so fukin gay! AND THE LIL WALK TO PARK TERRACE WAS POINTLESS lol umm yeah. ghhhhhhhhhhh. idd you kno that nick passed out afterwards?! aww oh well.. umm i cant believe you didnt get honor roll! lol suxx fer you!! neways ima go now!! i luff you o so very much!

.~*my dinkies*~.
.~*your sweatpants*~.
.~*my spiked hair*~.
.~*your new vans*~.
.~*lets throw up*~.
.~*our rock hands*~.
.~*for punk rock 101*~.

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