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KaRa (sexibabygirlx) wrote,
@ 2012-04-10 08:59:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:wish you were here-incubus

    lastnight and today
    so lastnight [monday] after i updated i chilled online, had some coffee, and then talked to derek for a bit, and then i decided to watch after darkhorror fest;slaughter that movie was pretty bad and pointless, usually those movies are good but not that one, then i got readi for work and talked to derek on vidchat for a few mins and then i left for the train, got to the train station early, so i bought my ticket, then the train eventually came and i read on the train, finish my book, then got to bayshore, went to the thriftstore and then walked to work cause it was nice, then i worked worked and worked more, it was insanely busy it was rideclous, but it went ridclously fast, got out a couple mins late, wrote down the new schdule, picked up some things in target for nj and then i left, stopped and got smokes, got mcds, and then came home, and went on vichat w/ derek, ate my food, eventually went and took a shower, talked to derek on vichat a bit more, then he went to bed, and then eventually i went to bed around 2ish, then today [tuesday]i couldnt sleep at all at first..i guess im anxious, finally i went went to sleep, i slept slept slept and slept more, and then i got up around 8ish when my mom woke me up, got up, and now im bored online drinkin coffee, today is the day!! i go to nj to see my love <33 and im staying for 6 days!!!!!!! so excited so ill wont b up dating for almost a week..but it happens, but other then that nothin is goin on just relaxin til its time to go, so im out for now later


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