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KaRa (sexibabygirlx) wrote,
@ 2011-12-25 13:47:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:paperdoll-kittie

    lastnight and today
    so lastnight [saturday] after i updated i just chilled online, was bored mainly, nothing interesting was goin on, just relaxin, txting people, etc. etc., then eventually i ate pizza, then wrap people's presents and then chill online for rest of the night, was gona watch a movie but never go around to it, near the end of the night i ended up talkin to derek all night, then we decided to do video chat thing, personally i hate webcam but its awesome w/ him, so i dont mind doin it w/ him XD , we ended up bullshitting for hours it was bad ass, then finally we both went to sleep like 5am, idk why i couldnt sleep at all, then today [sunday]i slept slept and slept more, i kept waking on and off, idk why my sleepin habits are gettin worse and worse and worse so i kept waking up then finally i got up around 11ish, woke my up cause she was sleepin then we open presents, i got bunch of shit..i got a kitteh hat, starbucks k cup coffee, blow drying, shampoos shaving cream razor make up, epensive seophera make up, victoria secrets underweear and bras and like sweats to wear to bed or whatever and hoodie to match it, under cool underwear and bras, a cute new gray dress and cami to go over it..and long sleeve shirts, over the knee and thigh high socks..and thats about it, she didnt get my boots i was very upset about that but apparently she gona bring me to the mall so i can pick them out or see if they come back in stock cause honestly thats the only thing i wanted..and my brother got me this plaid black and red jacket, then i jus chilled downstairs for a bit, then came upstairs, and now im bored online, about to have some coffee, talked to a bunch of ppl either online or txt, not sure what im doin for rest of the day, evebetually have dinner w/mom and no plans for later, either way i cant do anythin crazi seeing i got work in the am, so i gota attempt to go to bed early..ha like that ever happens, but its still early ill see how the day goes but im out for now later


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2012-01-17 07:26 (link)
i got no plans, but i dont got work til 4pm tmorrow so it b nice to do somethin but i doubt it happen haha, but its still early, ill see how the night goes but other then that nothin is goin on so im out for now laterprom dresses under 100
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