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DESTINY (sexi_destiny) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 19:49:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:LaSt NiTe :)

    HeY sTrAnGeR.... wElL i HaVeNt ReAlLy HaD tImE 2 WrItE iN u, N 4 AlL u PpL i KnO u MiSsEd Mi So IlL uPdAtE u WiT mI oOo sOo iNtErEsTiN lYf SiNcE i KnO u NoSiE AsS pPlZ lUv 2 hEa BoUt It. IgHt 2dAi WaS sTr8 nUtTiN rEaLlY hAPpEnEd I wEnT 2 SkOoL n ChIlLeD aLl DaI dIdNt ReAlLy Do ShYt. AfTa SkOoL jEsSi CaMe By N wE aTe SuM yUmMy AsS fOoD n DeN tAlKeD 4 A vErY lOnG tImE bOuT sUm DiFf. SuBjEcTs DaT i CaNt ReAlLy MeNtIoN. sO yEa. N-WaIz ShE jUsT lEfT n So DiD mI lIl CuZiN n HiS mAmA. :) wElL iM mAdD bOrEd RiTe NoE wAiTiN 4 Mi LuVa 2 cAlL mI :( i MiSs HiM sOoO mUcH eVeN tHo I sAw HiM sAt. WeLl DaTs AlL dAtS hApPeNeD sO FaR nUtTiN tOo InTeReStIn. LoL. iGhT nOe On 2 sAt.
    Well sat. i had made plans wit alot of ppl but ofcourse im onli wun person n i cant split up into verious lil mine mis lol so i decided 2 go wit joseph, percilla, hugo, ramone, sum otha bitch n jenny. @ 1ST jenny wasnt gonna be able 2 go but her mommy said yes which was good cuz jenny was kinda punished 4 bein a bad lil bitch lol.N-e waiz 1st i had gone shoppin @ dis cute lil store n i bought sum thongs n sum cute lil t-shirts n a pair of shorts! Den afta we went 2 a few otha places n bak 2 da casa were i got in 2 da shower n got all fresh n clean. HEHE... 4rm der i went 2 jennys n droped mi shyt off n walked ova 2 joseph n percillas casa. Later i found out we werent goin 2 da place we planed 2 so w.e we went 2 BK 2 get mi fat ass sum food cuz i was madd hungry n den 2 da falls we saw scary movie 3 it was okie not da best but w.e i was 2 bizzy thinkin bout mi man. I was lookin so cute not 2 be concetide or n-e thin but i lyked how i looked n so did every wun eles. Well wen we got 2 da falls every wun was tellin mi 2 put on a sweater cuz of wut i was wearin n of course i didnt want 2 but w.e i brought da sweater n neva wore it. Well mi man had called mi n he said dat he wud cum by 2 da falls 4 a lil. Wen joseph n hugo n dis bitch n ramone came he had suprised mi n came up 2 mi n gave mi a kiss wit his big lips. :) den every wun was lookin @ mi it was kinda wierd lol. Well manny had cum wit him n all n dey were makin mi laugh lyk a motha fuka it was crazy. So w.e we started walkin around da malls mi n milton n manny n his ex was der but do i give a fuk naw i dont. I also got 2 c mi buddy Giselle n she finally got 2 c da famous milton dat im alwaiz talkin bout. :) So afta awhile manny left us alone 2 sum privacy finally cuz u kno i wanted 2 spend sum time wit him alone since i hadnt seen him da week be4 well we were talkin n u can sai cuddelin or sum thin kinda lyk dat n of course we kissed n shyt lyk dat. Hes so cute i lub him berry much. lol. Well i was happy 2 c him n be wit him even tho it wasnt 4 long cuz i bearly eva c him so i appricated da lil bit of time i had wit him even tho i really wished i had longer. A lil lata jenny had called n was screamin 2 get bak 2 da movie theater since da movie had started n she had mi ticket so we walked bak n shyt. I had 2 sai bye 2 him n i really didnt feel lyk it i wanted 2 stay wit him da whole nite but of course had 2 sai bye so w.e i kissed him bye n den left into da movie. A lil afta da movie started we found out da marlines won yay!!!!!!!!!!! i knew it. Wen da movie was ova we got in da car which was packed lyk a motha we had mi n percilla in da front n joseph drivin n jenny n da otha bitch n da 2 otha guys bak der. We drove around n shyt n every wun was goin crazy cuz da mia won yea boi. So we got bak 2 country walk n den jenny had 2 go bak home n i was stayin @ her casa but every wun wanted mi 2 go drivin wit dem n jenny wanted mi 2 stay. But her mama wudnt let her go but said i cud go n johnny said i shud go so i went n den afta a while we came bak i jenny was pissed which i cud understand but wtf she got her self into trouble n maybe she'll learn not 2 be dat stupid. But w.e since she wasnt talkin 2 mi i stayed chillin wit gher bro johnny n ended up sleepin on da couch but he piked mi up n carried mi 2 jennys room n den da next mornin i woke up early as hell n ate mi sum pasta n jenny wasnt mad no moe she was bak 2 talkin 2 mi. Well i took mi a shower n got dressed did mi hair n make up i was lookin okie not 2 bad lol n den i called mi man up cuz he was supposed 2 be wit mi dat dai n he said 2 call him early but he wasnt home wen i called so i was lyk fuk it which pissed mi off cuz i was lookin foward 2 spendin da whole dai wit him which mi g-ma was fine wit every thin n was willin 2 pik him up but naw he wasnt home. So w.e i just went on wit mi self n finished gettin ready n helped jenny write a letter 2 her sis which came out pretty good jenny alwaiz asks 4 help wit her writtin essays n thins lyk dat she saiz im good @ it. heehee! So around 1:30 mi g-ma had cum n piked mi up n den we were on our wai 2 c alesandro cuz he came 2 visit 4 his b-dai n ive known him 4 eva since he was born cuz im a few daiz older den him. I think mi family n his family want us 2 marry lol cuz dey sure as hell act lyk it. N-e waiz i ate sum good ass brazilian food damn i cud eat dat every dai :) Well afta awhile of hearin every wun sai how pretty n beautiful i am n talkin 2 mi bout wen i was a babi n rememba dis n dat mi n alex left n went 2 dis room n just sat der chillin n talkin n shyt lyk dat. Every wunce in awhile sum wun wud cum n check up on us cuz da door was closed n shyt but w.e Well ppl der dont seem 2 understand i dont kno alot of portuguese n kept talkin 2 mi in dat language but around 5:30 or so i had 2 bounce 2 go 2 dolphine mall 2 pik up mi litto cuzin n den 2 buy mi sum brazilian pants. Den mi g-ma went all crazy sayin we had 2 go cuz she had alot of thins 2 do so we bounced n den i went 2 sum otha places n den bak home ate mi sum food n talked on da tele fone 4 a lil n den ended up fallin a sleep lyk da bum i am. hehe! Dat was bout all 4 da dai. but noe im a bounce so i'll holla bak wun besitoz luv u DeStInY <3<3

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