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DESTINY (sexi_destiny) wrote,
@ 2003-10-22 15:25:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:MiLkShAke SONG LOL

    HeLlO sExXiZ lOl WeLl YeStErDai I wAs WrItTiN bOuT eVeRy ThIn DaT hApPeNeD oN dA wEeKeNd SiNcE i CuDnT rEaLlY wRiTe DeN sInCe Im PrEtTy BiZzY n AlL bUt Da FuKiN cOmPuTeR eRaSeD iT. i WaS sOoO pIsSeD sO iM a TrY aGaIn 2dAi.
    ight dis is fri nite... i went 2 get ready n i talked 2 mi man cuz he called mi n w.e afta awhile i let him go cuz i was runnin late lyk alwaiz lol n i had 2 go 2 youth group cuz mi best guy friend in da whole world was preachin n dats his dream 2 becum a paster, he even went 2 skool 4 dat. So yea i had 2 go der 2 c him cuz wut kind of friend wud i be if i didnt go?!!?! So u kno i had 2 show him sum LUV n suport him which he did gr8 i was so0o0o0o0o proud of him. Well he keep lookin @ mi n turnin a wai cuz i had dis big ass smile on mi face n he wanted 2 laugh which he fuked up n laughed wen he looked @ mi but every wun thought it was ment dat wai but w.e its all good. I was wit his lil sis which is mi age n we chilled cuz nigel was up der n bekah was out of town which is mi otha bffl n his sis is madd str8 n every wun was every were lol. but w.e its all good!!!!!!!!!!! I was pissed off dat nite as well cuz mi babe said he was gonna cum 2 c mi since we hadnt seen each otha 4 a while
    n i missed him.. well he didnt end up cumin which got mi so0o0o0 fukin pissed lil did i kno his daddy was in da hospital so i let it slide lol cuz u kno poor daddy all sick n shyt i felt bad. Well afta youth group i went 2 mi friends jennys casa, jazmine took mi n her moma was in da car 2 i luv dem der so0o0o sweet n her momas so cute n small. Well n-e waiz it was dark as fuk in country walk wen we were drivin it was hard 4 us blind pplz 2 c lol but we managed 2 get threw it heehee. Wen i had gotten der i was just in time 4 da drama 2 unload... der was dis whole shyt bout wut we were gonna do sat. nite n whos cumin n shyt n da guys who were takin mi n shyt were tryin not 2 bring mi 2 friends which dey found out n all dis shyt got every wun pissed off n joseph got into sum trouble or sum thin afta so... afta dat mi n jenny chilled @ her casa 4 awhile untill i fell alseep i was so fukin tired.
    SAT. okie well jenny n mi woke up n ate of course cuz u kno we hungry pplz @ least i am but wut can i sai im a fatty. lmao. Den mi n jenny went out side 4 a lil n talked 2 percilla bout wut happenwed last nite wit da drama n shyt cuz we were kinda lost or @ least i was cuz wen i feel alseep moe shyt was goin on lol. Lata on mi n jenny went bak inside 2 do a nice job of cleanin her room. By da time we were done wit her room it was lunch time lol well 4 mi cuz im alwaiz hungry. I had 2 shower afta so i can be all fresh n clean lol not dat im not all ready but w.e we were planin 2 do sum thin wether we went 2 da halloween shyt or not so w.e mi n jenny got ready n left 2 josephs n percillas casa n dey said 4 us 2 cum once we were ready 2 leave last time we were @ der casa cuz dey had 2 go 2 der aunties casa in ft. lauderdale n shyt n dey wanted us 2 go 2 cuz we were allowed 2 go 2 da halloween thingy since da drama of last nite. Well it wasnt 2 bad ova der, well kinda we didnt do much we ate madd junk food lyk da fat asses we r :) n walked around n do sum otha shyt which was a litto fun cuz i luv 2 n shyt but i didnt do 2 much cuz i was just bein a good gurl... n-e waiz we basically ate shyt while we were der talked alot n listen 2 music while were in da car n shyt... jenny n joseph got a lil buzzed haha dat shyt was funny cuz dey bearly drank n-e thin n were actin all crazy wut funny shyt. u had 2 be der. heehee. Der such losers but i luv dem! We didnt really do shyt dat dai.. o-yea we also watched da marlines n da new york yankees which da marlines won.. yea boi! n jenny n mi babiz team lost lol suxs 4 dem but i shudnt be talkin all dat shyt cuz lately da marlines have been losin 4 sum strange reason but hopefully we'll kick der ass next game! Around 12 or 12:30 we finally left da aunties cribo thanxs god cuz we wanted 2go so bad it wasnt even funny. Den we had da long trip home we'll not really but yea lol... so we stayed @ josephs n percillas casa n i ened up fallin alseep on percillas bed its so comfy lol i luv'd it well dat nite i was da party pooper haha. Later on mi n jenny walked bak 2 her casa n we got ready 4 bed cuz we all were tired.
    Sun. Dis bitch is crazy wakin up early as hell lol. I woke up early 2 but not 2 early u kno i need mi beauty rest naw j.k but w.e yo! ummm her moma n papa n 2 older bros n wun of der gurlz was der n her 2 doggys :) der so cute well bak 2 da point we all ate sum pancakes n dey were yummy in mi tummy lol im so0o0o0 wak. But afta dat i helped jenny out by doin her english home work i did her an essay well it was actually a short story n jennys sux'd n her teacher said 2 do wun betta n all so i did it 4 her cuz im good @ english n those kinds of stuff. Den i went 2 joseph n percillas cuz jenny was sayin shes gonna do her h.w but instead was chattin on line wut a dumb ass so i left her n chilled wit dem a lil lata she ended up cumin lol n we all chilled. I bitched @ hugo 4 bein an ass cuz dat weekend he was such a dik 2 jenny i feel bad 4 wut he did, hes lucky he wasnt in front of mi cuz i wud have knocked da shyt out of him 4 every thin he said n did. But w.e hes nice 2 mi cuz u kno.. no-wun shud fuk wit mi cuz im wun crazy ass phyco bitch. lmfao! So yea a lil lata i left home cuz i had no ride n mi g-ma said dat she can onli pik mi up den cuz she had sum thins 2 do n mi ltto cute ass cuzin had 2 cum ova cuz hes stayin da week hea while his mommie is in mexico eatin sum tacos lmao naw j.k but she really is in mexico 4 sum vacation time wut a lucky ass bitch i wanna go but its all good. Afta dat i finally got 2 c mi cuzin damn i havent seen him 4 eva n a yr. i luv him, sum times he pisses mi off but wut da hell dats wit every lil kid. Nuttin really happened besides mi talkin 2 mi babis dadie! ;-)
    Mon. it was borin as fuk bak 2 skool ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! i hate it so0o0o0o0 much i wanted 2 stay home cuz i was tired as fuk but i dunt wanna have alot of work n 4 sum strange reason wen eva i get bak 2 skool 4rm bein absent we get tons of class work n home wut i think dey do it perposly lol.2 be honest nuttin really special happened on mon. @ least not n-e thin dat i cud think of rite dis moment. o -yea i helped mi litto cuzin out wit his home work wut a good person i am huh?! ya kno it!
    OkIe YeStErDaI.. hUmM i WeNt 2 sKoOl N dId NuTtIn BuT eAt ShYt SiNcE dEr WaS dA pSaT wHiCh I dIdNt NeEd 2 tAkE... lUcKy Mi!!!!!!!! HeEhEe. aLl I dId WaS tAlK 2 mI hOmE gUrL gIsElLe DaMn I lUv DaT gUrL iVe KnOwN hEr 4 eVa, sHeS sUcH a GoOd FrIeNd 2 mI wElL n-e WaIz We TaLkEd BoUt SuM tHiNz HeA n DeR n LiStEn 2 mUsIc N sUm FrEaKy AsS sOnGs CuZ wE bE dEm FrEaKy AsS bItChEs LmFaO u KnO hOw We Do... " wAnNA TaLk ShYt WhIlE sIt On Ur DiK" lOl NaW j.k DaT wAs PaRt Of Da sOnG bUt N-E wAiZ w.e We AlSo PlAyEd SuM gAmEs On Mi CeLlY n AtE lYk FaT aSsEs... HuMmM! dAt WaS bOuT iT. o-yEa DiS sTuPiD aSs NiGgUh 4rM cOlOmBiA cUmS uP iN hEa AcTiN lYk HeS dA fUkIn ShYt WeN iN rEaLiTy He OnLi SmElLs LyK iT lOl NoT dAt Im HaTiN oN u CoLoMbIaNs N aLl BuT w.e DaT pUsSy AsS bItCh WaS tAlKiN mAdD sHyT aCtIn LyK hE gOt SuM hAiR oN dEm BaLlS wEn AlL hE gOt Is LiTtO bAlLs WiT nO hAiR oN dEm CuZ hEs JuSt A liTTo BoI!!!! wElL hE gOt Mi ReAlLy PiSsEd N mI fRiEnD iS aLwAiZ tRyIn 2 mAkE mI cAlM dOwN sInCe ShEs KnOwN mI 4 EvA n KnOs I gOt SuM aNgEr PrObLeMs 2 tAkE cArE Of hAhA lYk I sAiD bE4 CraZy Ass PyChO bItCh HaHa. So YeA BuT sHe DoEs It AlL oUt Of GoOd CuZ sHe KnOs... WeLl DeN dA rEsT oF dA Da wAs OkIe MoE sHyT hApPeNeD bUt NuTtIn 2 imPoRtAnT! wEn I gOt HoMe I wAs jUsT sTr8 uP cHiLlIn Mi NiGgUh... WuT?! hA! WeLl Mi G-Ma ToLd Mi We MiGhT gEt A kItTy I wAs ReAlLy HaPpY bUt I dUnNo If We GoNnA gEt It, ItS a MaYbE bUt We'lL c. DaMn I gOt MaDd PlAnS 4 DeYs WeEkEnD cUmIn Up EvErY wUn WaNtS 2 ChIlL n Do SuM tHiN i GuEsS iTs CuZ iM sO bEaUtIfUl N pOpUlAr NaW J.K i AiNt No CoNcItEd LiTtO bItCh.. NoPe! NoT mI. hEhE.
    WeD. i WoKe up tired as hell didnt wanna go 2 skool wut a lazy ass bumb i am. well i had 2 go 2 skool cuz im not sick or injured or in madd pain so i went dressed lyk a bumb well not really just comfy n der were mad ppl lookin crazy n wak as fuk since dis weekend is home cumin n we got da week 2 do diff. thin lyk twin dai n jerzy dai n waky dai so yea. Wu t eles happened.. lets c hea ummm i got madd home work cuz i have alot of test n quizes 2 study 4 2marrow but w.e n i got deys lil project shyt 2 well der not really projects but dey might as well be cuz dey kinda lyk it just worth less grades. N-E Whoo dats not real important. o-yea i had 2 do dis swan out of an apple lmfao but it didnt cum out very good so i ate it lol cuz it was good n jucy so w.e dis kidd in mi 6th is gonna make it 4 mi 2marrow. hes so nice! Nuttin eles was real interestin bout 2dai except i hit dis kid in da face cuz he swears so much n he pisses mi off n he neva thinks ill hit him but he was suprized wen i did i was happy 4 mi lol. Dis is onli da middle close 2 da end of da dai n nuttin really happened. i hope 2 c mi babi dis weekend fuk dat u kno im goin 2 i dunt give a fuk i havent seen him 4 close 2 2weeks n dats very sad i need sum luvin 4rm him. :) u kno how it is. well n-e waiz im a be out cuz im a try n get a hold of mi man cuz i really miss him n wanna talk 2 his sexi ass! ill holla bak lata. *WuN* NIGGUH!!!!!!!!!!!! besitoz luv alwaiz destiny I.L.U.M

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2003-10-23 04:17 (link)
I miss you girl. I'm not sure if you've been calling my room line, but if you have, don't call it, cause I'm always online, and I don't receive the calls on that line if I'm on the internet. Call me at my house line. If you don't know the number, IM me, and I'll give it to you on AIM. I'm so glad things with you are going so well, and I can't wait to see you again. Hope you have a good Halloween, and I hope to see your pretty face at my birthday party in December! *Muah* Xoxoxoxo:-)

Love you lots,

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