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blo0d and kiisses (sevasxtra) wrote,
@ 2003-12-21 13:37:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:taking back sunday - ghost man on third

    its my fist versus the bottle

    [ Current Clothes ] pink fuzzy slippers, jeans with a HIM patch on the left leg, orange cub scouts tshirt, black and white zip up track jacket, black studded belt, rainbow scarf
    [ Current Mood ] needing to get my essay done, loved.
    [ Current Music] touch me by the doors
    [ Current Taste ] water and blueberry yogurt
    [ Current Make-up ] mascara, eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, foundation and blush, red lipstick
    [ Current Hair ] braids with my bangs out
    [ Current Annoyance ] english essays that are 3 months late.
    [ Current Smell ] this tropical dream shit jacqui bought me
    [ Current Favorite Artist ] blink, yellowcard, finch, story of the year, trapt, bright eyes
    [ Current Desktop Picture ] me and ace from the early november
    [ Current Favorite Group(s)] uh ..
    [ Current Book(s) you're reading ] the sun also rises by ernest hemingway .. damn accellerated english..
    [ Current CD in CD Player] yellowcard - ocean avenue
    [ Current Color Of Toenails ] light pink
    [ Current Refreshment] water and milk
    [ Current Worry] having to call my half deaf nana


    [ You Touched ] my dad .. i punched his shoulder cuz he called me sport
    [You Touched with Love in Your Heart] ian <3
    [ You Talked to ] my mom
    [ You Hugged ] my mom
    [ You Instant messaged ] amanda jarvis .. GRR
    [ You Yelled At ] my mom
    [ You Kissed ] ian my dearest <33


    [ Food ] mac & cheese .. but only easy mac
    [ Drink ] rootbeer
    [ Color ] hot pink, black
    [ Album ] Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue, Finch - what it is to burn
    [ Shoes ] my sparkley pink chucks
    [ Candy ] almond joy
    [ Animal ] llama, giraffe, dolphins
    [ TV Show ] rich girls, the simple life, roadrules/real world
    [ Movie ] stand by me and 16 candles
    [ Dance ] i dunno
    [ Song at the moment ] signals over the air by thursday
    [ Vegetable ] uhm ill copy jacqass and say cucumbers?
    [ Fruit ] watermelon, clementines
    [ Cartoon ] powerpuff girls

    ARE YOU...

    [ Understanding ] i try
    [ Open-minded ] yes .. jacqui you so aren't open minded!!
    [ Arrogant ] nah
    [ Insecure ] in a way
    [ Interesting ] i think i am lol
    [ Random ] yea
    [ Friendly ] yea
    [ Smart ] heh .. in some subjects
    [ Moody ] i can be
    [ Childish ] yes!!!! holy hell this is my question man
    [ Independent ] not really .. i can be
    [ Hard working ] sometimes
    [ Organized ] no
    [ Healthy ] yeah
    [ Emotionally Stable ] sure
    [ Shy ] definitely not
    [ Difficult ] sometimes
    [ Attractive ] if you say so
    [ Bored Easily ] no
    [ Messy ] yes
    [ Thirsty ] nah
    [ Responsible ] not really
    [ Obsessed ] obsessed with what
    [ Angry ] not at the moment
    [ Sad ] eh
    [ Happy ] mostly
    [ Hyper ] yea .. a tiddly wink
    [ Trusting ] yes
    [ Talkative ] depends on the person


    [ Look Like ] gwen stefani .. shes a god
    [ Talk To Offline ] jacqui
    [ Talk To Online ] my dearie
    [ In The Morning I Am ] pissed off
    [ All I Need Is ] to see thursday, coheed and afi in concert
    [ Love Is ] amazing
    [ I'm Afraid of ] being alone, dying
    [ I Dream About ] people, art

    -H A V E .Y O U. E V E R . .

    [ Been in love ] i believe so
    [ Cried when someone died ] yes
    [ Lied ] yes

    -W H I C H . I S . B E T T E R-

    [ Coke or pepsi ] neither
    [ Flowers or candy] flowers
    [ Tall or short ] tall

    -W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-

    [what do u notice first?] eyes and smile, then style like clothes < i agree jacqui
    [last person u slow danced with] uhmmmm
    [worst question to ask] "what do you want to do?"

    -W H O-

    [makes u laugh the most?] kim
    [makes you smile] all my friends
    [gives u a funny feeling when u see them] vanessa .. lmao
    [who do you have a crush on?] my darling ian ;)
    [who has a crush on u?] like i know .. lmao..
    [is easiest to talk to] jacqui .. we can talk for like hours upon hours without awkward silences .. and if there is a very rare silence, someone will start making gay noises or singing

    -D O. Y O U .E V E R-

    [sit on the internet all night waiting for someone special to I.M. you?] i have before
    [save aol/aim conversations] yea
    [wish u were a member of the opposite sex] sometimes
    [cried because of someone saying something to you] yes

    -H A V E .Y O U. E V E R . .

    [fallen for your best friend] yeah definitely
    [been rejected] yea
    [rejected someone] yes
    [used someone] never
    [been cheated on] yeah ..
    [done something you regret] yup

    -W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-

    [you talked to on the phone] jacqui
    [you laughed with] ian

    -D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-

    [smoke cigarettes] yeah
    [obsessive] no
    [could u live without the computer?] yes but it would suck really really bad
    [color ur hair] yeah but like rainbow colors
    [ever get off the damn computer] nope lol
    [habla espanol] not a lot of it
    [how many people are on your buddylist?] 199
    [drink alchohol?] sometimes
    [like watching sunrises or sunset] yup
    [what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?] emotional

    -N U M B E R-

    of times I have had my heart broken?: twice?
    of hearts I have broken?: who knows
    of guys I have kissed?: lmao nice answer jacqui .. you loose count.
    of tight friends?: 3 or 4?
    of cd's that I own?: hundreds
    of scars on my body?: like 20 in one spot, a ton on my legs
    of things in my past that I regret?: one HUGE thing that will never ever go away
    I KNOW: not to trust people too quickly
    I WANT: my goddamn thursday sweatshirt .. to dye my hair soon
    I HAVE: a child-like presence
    I WISH: i could see ian more often
    I HATE: simple plan, people who try and act like other people, liars, people who talk shit, FFF's.
    I MISS: being little, the old day of jessica, dreams, hopes, and tears .. the image days..
    I FEAR: never being able to express myself
    I HEAR: blink 182's stay together for the kids
    I WONDER: if ill ever go on major broadway
    I REGRET: a lotta shit
    I LOVE: love but not in love : my friends and sometimes my family, my boyfriend <3
    I ACHE: inside
    I CARE: about my friends and ian, .. a lotta shit
    I ALWAYS: try to be colorful and have a good attitude
    I AM NOT: perfect
    I DANCE: a lot
    I SING: 24/7
    I CRY: sometimes
    I DO NOT ALWAYS: speak up
    I FIGHT: sometimes
    I WRITE: 24/7
    I WIN: my sanity back
    I LOSE: everything
    I CONFUSE: people
    I LISTEN: to blink 182 a lot
    I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: in my room
    I NEED: to throw away some razors .. all of the razors
    I AM HAPPY: finally
    I SHOULD HAVE: never left kyle in such a horrid way

    First Kiss I Enjoyed: kyle's when i was 12. :) and let me say, ian is quite the interesting kisser
    First job: haha still yet to come
    First screen name: princess080706
    First self purchased CD: alanis morrisate - jagged lil pill
    First funeral: my grandpas
    First pets: boogers the cat ..
    First piercing: ears when i was like 2
    First true love: its developing slowly but surely
    First big trip: uhm yet to come lol .. going away to summer camp not knowing anyone when i was 12
    First musician you remember hearing in your house: queen and ozzy osbourne
    Last big car ride: when i was a baby to lake winnepausaukee in NH
    Last kiss: ian's friday night :)
    Last good cry: a few days ago
    Last movie seen: 10 things i hate about you
    Last beverage drunk: water and milk .. i hate milk
    Last food consumed: an egg and mustard sandwich
    Last phone call: uhm . my nana
    Last TV show watched: uhhhh i forget lol
    Last shoes worn: hot pink fuzzy slippers
    Last CD played: Taking Back Sunday
    Last item bought: christmas presents, and gum
    Last soda drunk: you mean "last soda drank" .. root beer
    Last ice cream eaten: last night i think i had chocolate chip or somethin
    Last shirt worn: orange cub scouts tshirt i stole from my brother's uniform when he was lil
    Had sex: im a virgin
    Drank: 4th of july
    Smoked: last time i smoked? .. last night, i need one
    Watched your favorite movie: a few weeks ago with john z
    Had a nightmare: i always have a nightmare
    Last time you showered : yesterday
    Love and Relationships
    Do you have a bf/gf?: yup
    Do you have a crush?: lots .. :-x
    How long have you liked him/her?: since mid november
    Why do you like this person?: ian's amazing, i can talk to him about anything, hes caring and loving, and a fun kid to be around, hes fun to laugh with
    How long was your longest relationship?: a month
    How long was your shortest relationship?: not even 5 minutes
    Who was your first love?: kyle cartland
    What do you miss about them?: that back when everyone was listening to nsync, he was a HUGE dashboard and saves the day fan

    The Present
    What are you wearing?:pink PJ pants that have this nasty chick with braces and it says "wanna kiss?" .. orange cub scout tshirt, black zip up sweatshirt
    What are you doing?: this thing
    Who are you talking to?:no one
    What song are you listening to?: taking back sunday - ghost man on third
    Where are you?: my room
    Are you online?: yup
    How are you feeling?: distracted
    Do you write in cursive or print?: i write different everytime i write it depends on my moods
    Are you a lefty or a righty?: righty
    What is your sexual preference?: both? lol
    What piercings do you have?: ears
    Any tattoos?: i have a carving of a heart on my left ankle
    Do you drive?: nope
    do you have glasses or braces?: glasses

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