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Sesshoumaru (sessh_sama) wrote,
@ 2003-09-24 13:34:00
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    Current mood:restless
    Current music:Dexter's Laboratory in the background

    *sigh* e.e
    I feel like I'm waiting on Jesus or something... I swear these people are keeping me waiting on purpose. Are they trying to build up suspense or something? *mumbles*

    I went to the Financial Aid office and gave them a good piece of my mind. What they did to me yesterday was uncalled for. They deserved the king size rant I gave them.

    I walked back to my room and now I'm waiting on hearing from the Dean. He's supposed to call me, but he hasn't yet. *twitches*

    I'm so close to just withdrawing from this stupid school. It really isn't worth the stress they're causing me. Sure, I'd be losing the money, but then again I already have. They said they only received half of the amount I paid them. Where did the rest go? It doesn't make any sense. ~.~ No one can tell me anything, either. So tired of this, ne...

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*hopes you feel better*
2003-09-26 20:17 (link)
Hey well just keep the faith girl it will okay!! Hey jest remember you're always be welcomed back to North Harris with open arms... You're right that's is just too much damn stress and just think you still have a semester left to go...

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