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Sesshoumaru (sessh_sama) wrote,
@ 2003-08-27 22:28:00
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    Current mood:sore
    Current music:Dance Dance Revolution - Butterfly (KCP Kung-Fu Mix)

    Rainy Day Ballet
    Man, this campus sucks so much when it comes to design. Everything is always far away, on the otherside of the campus or located at the top of a very steep hill or at the bottom of one. >.< Today started out fine. I walked down the hill to the Belvin Cafe to eat an early lunch. Then walked to my class. Class went fine. After that, I came back to get my books for my evening class and this freak thunderstorm blows in. Everyone's soaked and the campus has big pools of water everywhere and it basically sucks. I grab my umbrella and head out (after catching up with Gaia news and such) and get half way to class just to realize...I left my text book. >.< So, I turn around (face a bunch of idiot guys cat calling and such) and go to get my book. Once I get it, I rush off back to class...only to slide down a steep hill out of control. x.x Science can put a man on the moon, but can't install emergency brakes on shoes. ~.~ I slid down and ended up grabbing a stop sign to stop myself...or was it a yield sign...? I dunno. I just grabbed the sign pole and ended up sliding around it and twisting my arm. Stung like a bitch, ne. So I made my way to class (3 minutes late) and flopped down just in time to answer when the professor was taking roll. My arm still hurts. *sighs*

    Other than that, the day has been uneventful. My roommate went out of town with her friend (without telling her parents) so I got the room to myself. Yay. I dunno what to do, though. So much freedom. At any rate, I'm just sitting in front of the comp, half watching Futurama and half listening to DDR music. *hums along to the music* Well, I guess I'll go catch up with people in Gaia. Oh wait, Inuyasha's about to come on. I'll hop on Gaia after that goes off. *nods and scurries off*

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2003-08-28 01:12 (link)
Pweety new layout Miss Kao Kao. Gomen...I felt too lazy to switch accounts. It's MG ^_^

I hope your arm feels better soon. And who knows...maybe it was for the best that the Gaia storyline is still going. Maybe it'll help to keep you cheerful when those evil days in school get to you. Evil school....*hates*

Hugs and kisses,

~*Sakura a.k.a. MG..and all those names I have these days n.n;;

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2003-08-28 03:15 (link)
Heya, MG. I knew that was you.

Lol, I changed the layout again. I was bored and after finding all these nifty Trigun pictures I decided to make one with my favorite picture of Vash. Gods, he looks like an absolute goober. >D Now there's one tall guy I wouldn't mind hanging around me.

My friend said that he belongs with our little Chan Gang because we're all goofy chicks and with him being a goofy guy, he'd fit in. She said she could just see the four of us sitting somewhere in the mall cracking jokes about people who walk by or rating people walking by. >D I can see it too, I can.

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"Where's my Samurai?" Right here, yo!!
2003-08-28 01:22 (link)
The center of USC campus is like a giant hill, so I know the feeling. *pats* At least you didn't slip and fall and bust your butt or something.

And the puddles, my god, the puddles!! I'm sure you've heard the watery hell I went through just to get to graduation on time. >.<

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lol! *draws a butterfly on his cheek*
2003-08-28 03:12 (link)
Yup yup, I remember that Hell you went through. *pats back*

I don't know why they decided to place this college here. It's just...hills...everywhere! Grr...

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*pokes at the butterfly* Ai yai yai...>.>
2003-08-28 03:26 (link)
Colleges tend to be built in weird places, I guess. *shrugs*

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You're my little butterfly *lick* >D
2003-08-28 03:32 (link)
Yeah, I suppose so. Stupid colleges. >.>

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*licks back* Green black and blue make the colors in the sky...
2003-08-28 03:50 (link)
Yeah I know. USC just happens to be in the middle of a major metropolitan area. Which means traffic is a bitch around there during the school year. Then again, ithe school's been there for over 200 years, so it couldn't be helped that it was lcoated there. ^_^;

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2003-08-28 03:54 (link)
Your school is old. o.O

Hnn...wait, I dunno how old SHSU is. >.> So I guess the same could go for it, too. *shrugs* Oh well. I'm gonna go to bed now. It's late and I have some stuff to do before class tomorrow. Talk to you later! *hugs and skips off*

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Re: *snickers*
2003-08-28 04:01 (link)
*hugs back and gives her another lick* Night, Kaori the Stampede.

And yes, I'm aware of the fact that my school is old. ^_^ The campus is chock full of old buildings.

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