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Bryan.AntiHero (serratededge) wrote,
@ 2004-02-04 02:22:00
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    Current mood: predatory
    Current music:Pantera - Fucking Hostile

    K so im wicked bored and angry and flustered and im gonna hafta ask myself to retard my anger. Talkin to Aprul shes awesome and uses my weakness of the lip ring to get stuff outa me no jk lol shes hot. Talked to Ali earlier tonight shes muh cuzin wifey. shes awesome. Luv. And yea i hafta hurry up and write this so Apie Donna can see. shes getting ancy. Shes tired and moody and i hope shes scratches me, its hot. So yea this is my first entry. Let it be memorable. Oh yea and to Ali: Luv ya forever youre my babe. Muah.

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... KentuckyBang - Here we come!
2004-02-04 02:39 (link)
Im going to scratch your mother fuckin eyeballs .. blind you.. and rip out every last pubic hair from your crab infested crotch. LMAO. Jk Bryan. You know I gots a thing for my los familios. Lmao. Brother dear, you mean alot to me.. even if the only reason you talk to me is because I have a chunk of metal stuck in my lip.. Its still a sweet thought. You .. my friend.. are fucking awesome. Even though I hate you for makin Alicia turn on the fucking light.. and you made me stay up to read this. .. You are still invited to my funeral. Whenever the fukk that may be.. You will surely be recieving an invitation. And your cheap ass better be droppin roses into my coffin to rot away with me. We are fucking hostile. We should join a group and tear down the world! Muahaha. Jk. Ok fucker. Much love to you. Later.

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2004-02-04 16:24 (link)
Bryan..I freakin love you..You're awesome too. Good fuck buddy/cousin -wink- Our lil Haden is gonna be so proud of his incestuous parents. We gotta remember to watch Real World..Shit i think we missed it again..wasn't it on at..3:30 or su'um? Oh well..we'll drool over Frankie together...sometime. And then afterwards..fuck? hMm..sounds good to me. Yeh..and thanks for almost getting my ass kicked by Aprul. :( The damn light. AHHH! Lates babesss.

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