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J-chan (seras) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 18:10:00
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    Current mood:jubilant
    Current music:Shaman King - Silent Weapon

    Insert insane giggles here. ^^
    Waha! I got manga today. My mom drove me to Barnes and Nobles on the way to the grocery store. She usually doesn't drive me places like that. That made my day. :D Then we wandered around the grocery store with her coupons. It was nice to spend some time with her, even if most of it was spent grocery hunting.

    The manga I bought are the following: Shaman King volume one, Scryed volumes three and four, and Excel Saga volumes one and two. Bwahaha. I'm happy.

    Except for the above, today has been quiet. No homework to finish. No one was online to talk to. Oh yeah.. my external harddrive is dead. The external harddrive with most of my mp3 and video files. I lost nearly two hundred OC Remixes. Waah. I will be spending a lot of time redownloading files. All I have right now are the files in my Kazaa shared folder. Hey.. I have my Shaman King mp3s at least. Hurrah.

    Oo. My dad just placed this big plate of nachos on my desk. Phood! >B Time to eat.


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2003-09-21 23:08 (link)
You lost 200 OC's!?!?! I WEEP FOR YOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!! ;_____:

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2003-09-22 15:40 (link)
I know. Unless I can get someone to pull the files off of the drive (Which I highly doubt will work out..), I have to redownload everything. Eh. x_x; At least I did not lose my anime episode files. Whew. xD They are all on my computer.

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