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SensesFgirL06 (sensesfgirl06) wrote,
@ 2003-10-22 09:25:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:Thrice "All That's Left

    Have I told you lately that I love you?
    Hi my peoples...whats new? I'm here at home..on a school day...drinking diet coke and listening to Thrice. I dont have to go to school today but i think i want to a bit later to get my mind off a few things. So, im going to end up getting to school a little after 11...yay (but i have to walk so it might be longer ; p) haha Yes my little bro is doing ok but im still really worried. I think my mom said he has to stay atleast for one or two more nights so they can monitor him and teach my parents about the injections and all that kinda stuff.
    In other news, I am on a diet. Ah, what fun it is not to be able to eat CARBS or SUGAR but i did it last year...I can do it this year. it's not that i think im fat...its just that i dont feel im in good shape and i need to be because im starting to dance again. But hey...i guess it works since i lost 2 lbs in one day! WOO HOO!
    I wanna go see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Friday. I asked Kristi, Reannah and Drew if they wanted to go but didnt really get a direct answer from any of them. I guess i'll just go to that shit by myself...NOT!
    *Thrice, Thursday and Coheen and Cambria next WEDNESDAY!
    *Less Than Jake, Rufio, The Matches sometime in November
    *Alkaline Trio, From Autumn to Ashes and Reggie and The Full Effect also sometime in November
    ---others that are cool---
    *Slick Shoes
    *Brand New

    Yes...i am cool therefore you are too! I feel special because i am wearing my Finch shirt today. My favorite colors are hot pink and black. I want to paint my room hot pink with a black stripe around the top border. ahh...that would be SWEET! haha
    I think im still hyper from the venti caramel frappucino i got at around 7:30 last night. hehe fun.
    My stepdad and my little sister are going back to stanford today to see my little brother. I wish i could go but i think it would be better if i didnt...might be too hard to see him in a hospital.
    Ya wanna know what i hate? when i wear one of my pairs of pants that have pockets in the back that button shut and the little flap that closes them sticks up...yea wow im so random.
    Im bored. I hardly did any homework last night. this morning, i finish my bio outline but i have to do 7 more pictures...i think i'll just tell belway what happened and ask her if i could turn the stuff in tomorrow. she'll understand...she has kids. On the subject of teachers...this is what i think of the teachers i have this year:
    Rubin---drunk, weird, poop
    Reagan---mean, doesnt like me
    Jenkins---doesnt like me because i am jewish and do not look it, spaz, if she has so many other things to deal with than her job teaching...why does she teach???
    Langendorf---a bitch, nice to me but bitchy to some of my friends, drew and i have concluded that we think she is a lesbian because A.) she is not married B.) has a short haircut and C.) uhh...she just seems like one..
    Belway---nice, gives a lot of work, random, goes off subject way too much
    Araiza---dumbass, annoying, can shove his guitar up his ass for all i care

    wow i wrote a lot...should i keep writing or stop??? hmmm...ok...i'll write a little more! haha
    I feel bad for kristi! her doggy died and i know its really hard for her because shes had him since she was 4
    reannah's doggy died 2 weeks ago...i also feel bad about that

    does anybody even read these journals? i think im going to tell everybody to come here, read our shit and make their own stuff. ok im gonna go...peace out

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2003-10-22 22:38 (link)
oh man mr araiza should really shove that guitar up his butt .....that would be fantastic...dont worry about your brother he will be ok hehe soo yes......good bye for now

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