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SensesFgirL06 (sensesfgirl06) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 10:58:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Glassjaw "Mu Empire"

    Don't forget's that simple.
    Hey, I did not go to school today. I feel like crap and I just needed a day I had about 3 tests today (oops!) Anyways, I'm kinda depressed right now and I dont know why. I mean, I'm happy now and all that stuff but I don't know why I feel this way most of the time. Maybe its when I'm alone, I dwell on dumb stuff that I did or stuff that happened in the past...maybe I just need to listen to happier music...maybe I just need to get over it! Yesterday, when I was walking home from school, Robby and Drew pull up and Robbys like "Hey little girl, wanna ride?" So, I got in the car because I wasn't about to walk up Alicante AND Banyan because it was hot and my legs hurt from GVC. It was a funny ride...the whole minute of it. Kristi doesn't like Senses Fail...poopie...they're a really good band and i like them so thats all that matters. I have so much homework I have to finish today. Ah, and I don't understand the Biology ONE BIT! I should've just gotten my ass up and went to school just for that. I had a Spanish test (easy) and a History test (easier) today that I can make up tomorrow or something. I wonder if people missed me today. Probably not...they're probably like "yay...Brianas not here! wooo hooo" hahahahaha...ah, I don't know. Ok, Im gonna go eat some waffles with my kitty. I'll write later...

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2003-10-15 22:20 (link)
ahh man you are such a lazy ass....hehe jk
but at least you are eating waffles AHAHAHAHA!!!!

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2003-10-15 23:05 (link)
oh of course i was eating waffles!

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2003-10-15 23:51 (link)
they taste yummy...but not you of course hehe yuck

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