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Lady Lazarus (selfsacrifice) wrote,
@ 2004-01-10 08:15:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:the tv.

    updates and such.
    lots to do today. started the research for my jan term project, but i have lots more research to do before i can even attempt to start writing my damn 5-7 page paper on picasso and how and why he abstracts the human figure. i've already got some good quotes though, and it's only one book that i've taken notes from, so that's good. i plan to have the research and paper for picasso done by next week so i can start researching dali, then paula modersohn-becker, which may prove to be a problem since she is a lesser known artist.

    anyway. also, i need to make some phone calls, so i can go see the doctor. got a referral, so that's half the battle.

    going to the library later on today, how i heart the library. i swear if my whole career as a art historian or artist/author doesn't happen i could always go into the business of library spinster. just get myself a rocking chair and a house brimming with cats, a couple of shawls and i'll be set. instant spinster. i'll be the crazy and bitter librarian reigning with an iron fist, shushing people with great fervency. haha. maybe i need more sleep. oh well.

    encountered a very interesting person last week at work. crazy as all get out. claimed to be the reincarnated soul of st. john the baptist. and he said the apocalypse will happen in october 2271--mark your calendars ladies! also, he will be there to act as gabriel the angel of death, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. talk about delusions of grandeur. schitzo. but, who am i to judge crazy?

    last week was just filled with god. watched the movie "the order"--a fantastic movie which i highly recommend--about a priest investigating the death of his mentor. then the crazy john the baptist guy. maybe it's a sign.

    finished reading chuck palahniuk's "diary: a novel." fantastic book, as are all of chuck's novels. i heart him muchly. going to have to find another book to read. i normally get to read while i'm waiting around at work, so i've been devouring novels like nothing.

    anyway. going to go shower. hope everyone is having eventful jan terms.

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2004-01-10 14:07 (link)
Hehe, that guy sounds kind of creepy. I miss you my Sar-ha and I hope you're enjoying your Jan Term. I'm thinking of you and loff you!! -Pineapple

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2004-01-11 07:13 (link)
i loff you too pineapple, and miss you muchly. i've been reading your blurty. glad you are enjoying your jan term internship and having a good time bringing the kids joy and such. see you soon! loves!

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