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Jennifer (sekyiejenn) wrote,
@ 2003-09-25 15:05:00
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    Current mood:annoyed

    YeAh So aNiE wAyZ
    OMFG! today was so0o borin! I didnt even ask em o wellz... probly melissaz going to get all mad at me! but datz okay. I Need her there!! I pull out a barbi!! LMAO melissa!! << Shez Dah BarBi!! haha! I went for a walk with brittany.. it was fun we talked about how stupid the * PEOPLE* we dont *LIKE* is!! haha i found out great info... but im not a loud ta tell :/ o wellz

    1. Sk0ol
    2. TeAcHErZ
    3. MaH FuCkEd Up ShYnEsS
    4. t0 MuCh HoMe WoRk!!
    5. MelIsSa NoT GoInG 2 ChuRcHilL
    6. DiDnt TaLk 2 *HiM*
    7. WaS aLl ConFuSed
    And well datz all i can dink of at dah moment!!!

    HOT GUYZ! ** And yes alyse there are hott guys lol**
    1. GLenn
    2. Kyle
    3. Kevin
    4. whats hiz face... !!LOL i dont no how to spell hiz name!!
    5. Jacob
    6. EVERY1 ELSE IS UGLY<-- HAHA!! im so nice

    @ skool i didnt do much but talk and well sit and learn witch was pretty boring... I cant wait till saturday i might go to the mall with melissa and glenn, well at least i hope so! but melissa better not b a bitch, den again we are both bad assed gurls lol BITCH!

    untouchables 5O: cause idk him
    untouchables 5O: and im not going gay
    Shy lil bitch i mean shit i got a lil itch

    At least we no kevins straight
    LOL hiz funny!! gotta love em!

    Okay well im out
    I Love You x0x0

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2003-09-25 16:01 (link)
whats kevins last name? i might know him...

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2003-09-26 15:17 (link)
Who are you, the one that wants to no kevins last name

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