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Omen Child Seiene (seiene) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 00:48:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Sakura Drops - Hikaru Utada

    Well. I suppose my system is still out of wack from last night and all this afternoon. My memory is failing me unless I think really hard.. Ah well. To be truthful, being a feline wasn't all that bad. A feline on the large side, >_O but it had its perks. Before shifting forms I decided to encourage Echo to take revenge on Aethrial. She was rather nasty toward him the first time they met. How did he get even you ask? Well put plainly, he helped himself to shredding her braziers and underwear to his hearts desire. I even found amusement from all the stress she caused me by ripping her bedsheets and managing to scuff most of her clothing. Leather is very durable, I discovered. She hasn't seen us yet, therefore, she's most likely to blame it on Xavier. Speaking of, "Niqueish" took us to see him. He wasn't too bad. I still made it a point to swipe his cheek when he bent to pet Echo and me. I wonder if he knew our true identity though. Something in his eyes seemed to emit that feeling everytime he looked at us. The way he ran his fingers in our mass of soft, silken fur was as much intoxicating as it was provacative; it was so viciously slow and he was running his fingers through our hair had we been Elven at that moment. -shudders- He even performed a magical practice on us! He must have put a spell on this item he pulled from his bag. It appeared to be a toy resembling a large mouse on a string. My senses were shocked awake and I was instantly enchanted by its scent and taste. Echo and I were nearly at each other's throats in competition for this toy. ~.~ One downside to being a cat. Shortly after I felt that Xavier's pets were more of an act of hidden molestation than anything, I decided to break Nique's "Almighty Creator Powers" and regain my original form. It felt good to walk upright. I was feeling frisky so I treated Echo to ice cream...Uhm. A few hours later. -COUGH!- >> The idea of expending the rest of our energy came in the form of running around our home into a padded wall as well as a game of tag-me-and-I-slap-you-with-a-pillow-until-you-scream-like-a-little-girl. Must play that more often. About and hour and a half was used to exercise. It's vital to keep a healthy body whether you are Elven or otherwise. Here I admit that I am a hypocrite. In the so called "work out room", my mind was distracted by disgusting the drooling fan girls that seemed to occupy themselves by continously staring at the shirtless Echo and I. Honestly, I just wanted to complete my mile run on the 'treadmill incline' contraption but thought it was more fun to taunt them. I could have sworn that my Elven ears heard them chattering about undressing the both of us with their eyes and fainltly mumbled verbs like "riding", "making love", and "producing beautiful children." As if. I'd never bed a human unless I had to. Sure that he had heard everything I did, I took it upon myself to retrieve him from his machine (once the both of ours stopped, of course) and stroll behind him where I promptly licked a trail of sweat from the upper portion of his back to the ridge in his shoulder, making sure to throw a smile over my own shoulder at the gawking women. I loved reveling in those sighs of disapproval and disappointment. ^_^! Silly human females. And I thought our Creators were bad. Needless to say that my actions at the 'gym' lead to similar activities that shall remain nameless in the privacy of my own home. -purrs- A while after, I prepared a meal of ripe fruits and vegetables for us to consume. Echo is a virgin to such foods I've experienced, so exposing him to a few was well worth the trouble. I think we both favor the new dish I created in which I combine this new fluffy white cream in a can with strawberries. He didn't eat much solid food so I knew he was ready to fill his stomach with his traditional meal. Quite the spectacle to watch. Trust, he makes a clean kill that anyone could be proud of. A early night of acupuncture and grooming lead to a state of relaxation where we retreated to the rooftop to gaze at the stars in the Heavens and exchange simple caresses and feather light touches that mingled with idle conversation. Insomnia must have kicked in at some unnoticed point because we later found ourselves shoved in the master bedroom watching a "Dracula" movie. It hear Echo rant about the injustices the movie served to the vampiric race and the "weak, false, bogus, totally unrealistic, and stereotypical portrayal of their habits and characteristics." Naturally all I could do was nod in agreement, seeing as how I have pratically no way to relate to that half of his bloodline. He's something to see when he's riled up on an issue he feels strongly about or all out opposes. A small game of seduction calmed him into a lull where I could show him the new toy my Creator gave each of us. Something called a CD player that emits melodies from a shiney disc. I think I can get used to it. Although we each had our own personal device, we found it more comfortable to share one pair of headphones. There is where my memory fails me. I believe we fell asleep nuzzled against each other for warmth. I take it we both slept in late after waking for something to eat and burying ourselves back inside the blankets. When I awoke he had already been returned to his Creator. I wouldn't mind doing this all over again. ^_^ Maybe next time he and I won't have to keep that secret about rummaging through Azreal's bondage kits and breaking windows on random houses with his whip. I think I accidentally targeted Nique's house. o_o What she doesn't know won't get me killed. Or shipped off to bootcamp again.

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2003-07-28 15:11 (link)

Oh just keep pretending we never do anything together. I'm only your "brother". Sorry I don't make you feel any special. ;_;

-off to train-

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2003-07-28 17:49 (link)
Oy. Apparently I'm coming off as ignoring you. I am not. I don't mean to anyway. I am not used to having a family, much less a brother, so I don't exactly know what we can do together. Maybe next time you can speak up for yourself and demand we do something together. I am not good with games of taboo. e_e;

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