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Phone Temptress (seductivesarah) wrote,
@ 2006-09-13 16:08:00
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    Welcome to Sarah's Phone Temptations!
    I am Sarah. I am an experienced Mistress of 15 years. I only have a handfull of submissive slaves who have served me for many years now. I am a woman of quality not quantity.

    I do not always have a Mistress/Slave relationship with others though. I am a passionate woman. I am wild, free spirited, and love enjoying life to it's fullest.

    I am an explorer of the minds of men and women alike. I love both and believe there is beauty in the strangest placest others do not bother looking.

    I have dedicated this Diary to my art of teasing. I do enjoy the desire that consumes you as you have been graced by my precense.

    I am one of the most Erotic, Sexiest, and Wildest woman you will ever have the privelage to meet.

    I enjoy listening to others share their fantasies with me. We are so bound up by society. All grown up now and locked up in a cage. I love being able to set you free for those moments in time while talking with me.

    Self reflection is very important to me. I meditate and take time out for myself daily.

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