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Slutgarden. (sedd47) wrote,
@ 2003-08-13 21:31:00
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    Current mood:Sad//Depressed

    Omg, School sucked such massive ass!!! I hate school. Danny's sister took me to school today, When we got there I found my sister and chilled with Danny and got my shit and went to first period. I fucking hated that class!!!! There is this guy named David who is 18, And damn he was fucking UUUUGLY! Wouldn't stop fucking hitting on me.

    My favorite teacher probally is Mr. Frost, Juss because he is Cool... Lol, But ya, At lunch I basiclly chilled with Amanda, Ashley, Michelle, Matt, Barrett, and Kelly!! Woot woot!! Then I went to class and everything was gay...

    Then after school I come home and my mom is crying her ass off, Saying she isn't able to be within 500 ft of me and my brothers... So that sucks,. I don't get to see her anymore for a long time, For I don't know what... But ya, I go to court August 27th.

    Well me and my Daniel's year aniversery is this Friday!! I'm sooo excited!! Eheheheheh, I love Daniel! Oh god yes.... 8.15.02!! WOOT WOOT!

    Anyways, That's all, I'm leaving now, I juss got off the phone with my Mommy... I'm not suposed to talk to her, So I have to sneek damn phone calls.... :( Oh well, life sucks.

    <33 I love you Daniel

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2003-08-14 10:35 (link)
I'm soo sorry about the borring school day. School sucks, always has always will.
I'm soo sorry about you not being able to talk to your mommy... Glad you can at least sneak phone calls.
Almost Happy Annovarsary! Haha!


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2003-08-14 20:35 (link)
Lol, It's all good. She juss left. Lol, My Dad works all day so hehe, She sneeks over all the time.

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2003-08-15 06:34 (link)
Mister Frost is really cool, i wasnt even in his class and he knew me really well, youll have fun with him :)
Havent seen you around school yet!


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