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scrudder (scrudder) wrote,
@ 2005-05-11 10:22:00
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    Current mood:Okay, thanks for asking!
    Current music:Some German woman babbling something

    Nothing doing, Eddie Vedder

    Nothing along these lines could see the signs along the razors edge
    I am a child in a winter storm / the closet door hangs open
    Dark silent mouth silently swallowing all my fears…
    It’s pleasant to think that when we die we don’t expect it to happen
    Much like life, unexpected pleasures happen all the time
    It was all unexpected, but oh so pleasant
    Now I’m lying in bed hugging my pillow
    The air is smoky and the gadgets hum in the darkness
    My song is for her, my love is new – I’m figuring it out
    Trying to get closer to God without my head falling off my shoulders
    We face the world – as the trains go by, we are stepping light
    Skipping the tracks and riding the buses – where are you?
    Please, adopt my schedule and come with me
    So happy but now so lonely

    The 11th of May, 2005

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2005-05-11 10:18 (link)
The two juxtaposed make me want to cry. I adore that picture. And I adore the poem, too because I feel the same way. I always think you write in pictures, too.

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2005-05-12 03:35 (link)
well, I thought of the opening line based off of "I'm a kid standing in the rain" the rest just kind of fell out of that - thought you might like the tree, I know how your looking for a new backround.

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2005-05-12 04:25 (link)
presumptuous (or however it's spelled) of me perhaps but the one a few days ago when you mentioned fireflies, you didn't happen to be thinking about the poem I wrote that started with chinese lanterns and us driving down a road last summer? I was just curious if that is where your fireflies came from. I wonder if they have them in germany. I will miss them if they don't.

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Whatever swings
2005-05-12 04:58 (link)
not sure actually, since I dont know which one we are talking about, I do recall your fondness for the creatures, however. I know it wasnt from that pom but probably a memory from standing either on the front porch there or late at night in Virginia at my cousins house. I love em' to. Anyways, still a bit fuzzed from last night, so, I'll keep this short, got a lot of work to do today. Bye.

-M. Houghton

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2005-05-12 08:24 (link)
no - Ummm, That piece I wrote was just an exercise to get back into writing, so, essentially I just wrote the very first thing that came to my head until I was finished writing, so I am sure now that it was just a memory of us driving. Yes, I hope that answers your question.

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2005-05-12 09:06 (link)
It doesn't matter. I just knew you were archiving things I'd written and I wondered if it was related. You could be writing about anything or anyone.

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