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scrudder (scrudder) wrote,
@ 2005-05-09 14:10:00
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    Current mood:Tucked in
    Current music:Alanis Morrisett (or however you spell her name)

    Something to find
    Another wake in the Storm

    Possibilities filter through the mind, the mind of a glass eye
    Bringing it back to the beginning in the woods of Treg
    Where once upon a time there was a man who lost his wooden leg…
    And Boston’s Public regressed from stress related fractures
    While images in photo captures, film prints negative
    It’s not an absolute loss when one first hears of the cross
    A penny to pay for a shilling of the cost to all those who remain
    Quite lost
    And pappy I found, to be lying slumped on the ground
    Huddled in my mind, dirt covered mound
    Of another thing come, another thing gone
    And once and again to sing, my fathers last song
    In riddled lands on Golden sands / where the sand is soft
    My heads aloft in bright blue skies, while my hands
    Gently swat flies
    Needles in haystacks these geographic pin points
    Meaning nothing to anoint my weary head, to assume the position
    I’m better off dead
    Clever she rolls, to the edge of precise
    Another adjective, turned device
    But the song was intertwined, I believe, that’s where I lost my mind
    Positions may come and friends may fade –
    Another day drifting in memories glade
    But to all the old songs, of which we played
    And all those recording we never made
    Some day in the sun

    Some day in the sun

    April 27th 2005

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