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scrudder (scrudder) wrote,
@ 2005-02-11 14:34:00
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    Current mood:I have an alien in my stomach
    Current music:David Banner "Cadillac 22's"

    Indicate a router

    The horiozon line

    I took a flight and,
    fancied by delight
    I came stumbling through the puffy clouds
    only to find Heaven in star light shrouds
    of something that might have been
    before the dawn of time or original sin
    I'll wait for God to speak, so this life might end
    and my new life, shall surely begin

    I've been thinking little today. This is good news because I've been stressing out about a lot of stuff lately. I've felt the pressure of things I've placed on my shoulders and havent dealt with them very well.
    But today I'm leaning nearer the idea of not taking things too seriously. I've been going in the wrong direction in regards to a lot of things lately - let me keep the new me with a bit of the old, but rest assured never let me forget where I'm coming form... So, real quick like

    Honey, Good luck on day two of the experiment
    Jaimie, I know how you feel, things will be okay
    Tony, Looking foward to the website, nice design

    Sorry, it's all so short but It's really an accomplishment for me to be writing at all! and as for the picture, I'll slowly try incorporating my stuff from my other name since it just kind of withered away, I'd rather just be scrudder again. Well anyways, the photo was taken in Nurnberg on day, during some month -
    I'm feeling a bit more light hearted, which is good. So hopefully I'll get back to writing like it real soon.

    Peace out home phish - I've got to be moving along and cleaning stuff.


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2005-02-11 17:08 (link)
You have an alien in your stomach? *grin* We should talk sometime, Dear. Trade notes.

I like this post. I like a lot of what you posted on gummy, too - it'd be a shame to see it left behind.

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