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scrudder (scrudder) wrote,
@ 2004-10-03 13:58:00
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    Current mood:The end of the journal
    Current music:The Vines: "Ride"

    Slowly Going the way of the Indians
    "The way of the Indians"

    And the Indians wandered the plains - In Puru mighty temples were built, in the arcade shops the pinballs tilt

    And I've wandered, and I've built and I fallen to lean against a sturdy stilt - A muck mongers existence of day dreamers resistance to longer love's ago breathing in the falling snow - and longer still - the water mill...

    In slow turning abundance of water churning redundance - and we take the stance of the off shot glance =

    = bittersweet romance galvanized - immortalized... Publicly exhonorated but comically convicted as I died of a heartattack as I walked out of the courthouse - another picture of a mouse expressed in a red dress (shawl) without the southern drawl / and the days begin thier crawl

    In snapshots and titles / in songs and recitals / the years flutter past in a winds shuttered clasp -

    -and to gasp-

    most affectively to relax

    And the colors turn and fold as the rocks congregate to gather mold below the trees grown so old along side where rivers flowed and by way of cars bought and sold - how the grey skies seem so cold... falling leaves recount the story told

    puffs of air to form tiny clouds that disappear so quickly and if Cycles like that continue, then you have life and death in a painting of motion

    I cant forget the days

    I cant forget the days when I was younger, but I cant remember who I was. If told again by my strangers friend I pose pretend to act as if to defend the forgotten memories pretense - presupposing I knew what I forgot in the first place... But I don't.

    And I can't count the numbers in my head, using fingers and toes instead - Ridiculed and misled, for my hands were cut, for you I bled ; ; ;

    (I found it funny that Omit and Admit sound closer together than they should)

    So if, if you knew Suzanne, Jaimie, Mykel and Carli - you'd feel a certain way too

    But we have our lithium, our Jonas and Meeting girls at the dog Show
    We have our Mike and Joel and Robots.
    We have something else that isnt touched by anyone else - and we've given to eachother, ourselves

    "Been around the world and found that only stupid people were breeding
    The cretins cloning and feeding, and I don't even own a T.V."

    And now this one has come to an end. I'll catch you all somewhere else. I'll catch You too...

    Peace out Home Skillets


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2004-12-06 04:10 (link)
as a friend of a friend of yours, I hoped you wouldn't mind me telling you about the new community I'm starting up:



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