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Egberto Zayas (scrambled_egg) wrote,
@ 2003-04-09 15:43:00
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    Current mood: pleased
    Current music:Senses Fail - Bloody Romance

    Today was in opposition to yesterday, good
    Today was a all in all good day. I got up again and did my 30 second sprints. 6 of them for a total of 3 minutes of sprinting. Its gruesome. Sprinting for 30 seconds forces me to push my body when it doesn't want to. Once i start i can't stop, i guess thats my motivation. By the end of my workout i was slighty disoriented. Just starting to feel it. Got to 1st on time for once. Jen was absent today. And we watched the rest of Ethan Frome. It seems that his "accident" was attemted suicide. Yes, into a tree with a sleigh. Oh well. At the end of the movie, we saw him, his wife, and the girl he loved when they were old, and it was fuckin disgusting. Good thing that movie and book is over with. So boring. Nothin exciting in 1st. No bomb threat either. WOW.

    HR, nothin. Callie explained some problem that was troubling her. It also, or another problem involved Sarah, and Alex as well. Maybe some more people. That's why they were all dismal today and really didn't pay attention to anyone. I saw Karyn after HR. I'm pretty sure it was after HR. She said hey, kind of a shy hey.

    3rd, not much. We ended seein this old black and white film called "12 Angry Men." It was about some guy who changes the rest of the jury's mind to change their vote from guilty to not guilty. It was interesting, but not too exciting. Better than Ethan Frome. At the end of the film, this old guy who was on the jury goes up to the guy with the original not guilty vote. He goes "by the way, what's your name?" The guy replies "Davis." The old guy goes "Alright. Mine's McDonald. Anyways, farewell." Peace. That ending was pretty random but it funny. But you have to see it to think so. Then we went out to the parking lot with these flexicuffs. The zip-cuffs that they're using on the iraqis and that they commonly use on protesters. I dawned a pair. The teacher put them on pretty tight. When school was over i still had marks on my wrists. A freshie in that class also put some on. He fell on the pavement at one point and couldn't get up. He was wriggling like a fish. It was the funniest thing i've seen all day.

    Then we went Eastman's office. We wanted to see if they could be burnt off. First he gave us a fake lighter. One of those shocker things. I still had on the flexicuffs. Annoying shits. Out of our class (5 students), most of us tried it out. I had to try it behind my back. My hand freaked out as expected and i handed it back to Officer Eastman. Some people couldn't hand it back. They dropped it in shock as soon as they got the charge goin through their hands. It was tight to watch, like if something had bit their hands. But that is expected cause the whole schocker is trite. With a real lighter, we found out they do burn, but they smell and it takes a little bit of time, and also, you'd be burning yourself if you had a lighter to escape with. When we got back to class i finally got the cuffs off. As i left 3rd, i saw her walking to the 100 hallway as usual. I looked up, looked down so i didn't prematurely catch eyes with her. She was behind to people. As they passed she was looking down, and she looked up at the corner of her eyes and said hey. Another sincere hey, the second today. Sweet.

    I also saw J-Heff for the first time in months right before 4th. Weird. And school is the last place i'd expect to see her. She's Collin's sister. She's fine, but not as fine as everyone makes it out to seem. She's just got a really good body. And some bombs. 4th, i figured out i got a 97.4% on the test. I knew i aced it. I had the best score out of everyone, without studying. But i never study anyways, so its normal for me. I even beat Evie's score. She always ends up getting 100 %'s. She got a 97% this time. Sweet. Take that Evie. And i finished my homework for once! YES....

    5th was gay. The class idiot today pissed me off. First, while Ms. Tomassi was talkin (T-max 29), i noticed he has a pair of those "Heely's" shoes on. The ones you grind with and when you apply pressure to the heel, the wheel comes out allowing you to rollerskate. I showed Danny and he started crackin up. Of course i couldn't help myself when he was laughin as much as he was, so i laughed just as much. I thought only middle-schoolers wore those, so we poked fun at him, but it was mostly laughing. And Danny provoked me cause he was laughing a lot more than i was. It wasn't as funny as Danny was making it seem. We went in the darkroom, the humilation continued. When we got outside, the kid had seemed to known already and told me "Next time, if you're goin to make fun of me, be man enough and say it to my face." Alright, that did it for me. This little freshie, idiot, freak, who is seriously fuckin slow, has the balls, (wait he doesn't have balls), but he has the audacity to come say that shit to me, like if i'm not man enough. Fuck that, he's not man enough at all. He's the biggest pussy ever. And a freshie to say that to me. He's fat, and idiot, slow, and also a freak. I can't tell you all he does, but you'd have to see him in class. He's weird. And now he thinks the whole class hates him. Which in part, is seriously true.

    Later, i was sitting at the same table as him, (one mistake by him, i wasn't the only one making fun him, it was mostly Danny actually), and i asked him if he was a freshie, just to be sure and reitorate myself. It was obvious so he he gives me this look like if i'm dumb and goes "uh, yea." I got up and said "by the way you fuckin act
    its been obvious from day one faggot bitch. Dick." And he goes with a cynical smile "This class is gonna be fun isn't it?" I looked at him and go "and...." like so....get on with the point dumbass. And he says "Next time you have something to say, say it to my face." I just looked at him and said "I just made fun of you to your face you fuckin idiot bitch." and walked off. He was gonna say something and then this black guy started laughing at him and he just shut up cause i made him seem like the biggest idiot ever. Which he is, so i just made it obvious to everyone around. The rest of the class period he was pissed and angered. He hates the class now, and he's almost depressed. He brought that shit on to himself, that freak. I'll apologize to him tomorrow, unless he pulls some more shit. I'm only gonna apologize cause i don't want to end up beating his ass and getting suspended, and cause T-Max 29 repramanded me about making fun of him. Oh yea, i call Ms. Tomassi, T-Max 29 cause we're in photo and the film we use is T-Max 400, and she's 29 years old, plus her last name is Tomassi. That's last fact is the only reason it works. I cut my knuckle in there trying to rip apart a film canister. I did it, but i got that small battle wound in the process. She sprayed some hydrogen peroxide i guess. She called it something like antiseptic. I think she said anti-infectant, which would be accurate so i'm stickin with it. She also gave me band-aid. I was just plannin on bare-skinnin it, but whatever, be nice.

    Well, this is where it got good. Daily instead of walking directly to the parking lot, i walk the other way. Because my classroom for 5th is the last one of the 200-300 hallway and i have no one to walk with if i was to just go to the parking lot. And i'd be early as hell too. So i do this daily. And while i was walkin back i walked to the bathroom, came out, met up with Fat Man (Paul Pakidas) and i saw Karyn walk into the girls restroom. I stalled Paul to wait for Karyn, but after a little bit i just left. I met up with Callie, Alex, and Ben and said what's up. Walked with them for about 10 seconds and said alright. I kind of went on my own agenda. I saw Karyn at the courner of my eye when i turned around. She caught up to Callie and them and started talkin for a little bit. I know her, so i thought to myself as i was ahead of all them, "let me keep walkin, she won't talk to them long, and then she'll catch up with me." As i walked across the practice field, i turned to my right and saw her in the corner of my eye again. And sure enough, in a little bit i hear "Hey Egg."

    She came up and kind of slowed down like if she was expectin me to hug her. Yea, i kind of stopped that ever since i dropped that card. We started talkin, i haven't talked to her 1 v 1 in a long time. I'm glad this happened today. As we talked she mentioned that while in AP English, they read something, i don't know, some cliche. And it read something like "you can't unscramble your eggs." And she goes "And i went AWWW!! Egg!" Score. She put a good amount of emphasis and emotion behind that too. I'm suprised she thought of me. And to put a that much emotion behind it. I was happy to hear that. She's so sweet. Yea, i know that sounds gay. Oh well. As we departed, she kind of took a stutter step, like if we were gonna stop and hug. It was a subtle one though. She's made it seem more obvious than that before though.

    For example, coming back from winter break, we passed each other, and she kind of stuck her arms out as to give a hug, but i wasn't expectin it so i really couldn't do anything. And when we used to walk out to the parking lot together all the time, she did things like that too. She made it seem obvious. I also found out that her car was in the shop for a week cause Cory Newsome had hit it while backing out of school one day. He was leaving early and nailed her bumber. $400 worth of damage. So whatever my thoughts were about where her car was that week were disapproved. I thought she had let Rangel borrow it cause she had been up in New York during spring break and might have lent it to him, and he just hadn't return it. Not so, thank God.

    Despite the limit of one mood i'm allowed to pick. Today i feel not only pleased, but happy, cheerful, sort of annoyed, satsisfied, and relaxed. Today made up for yesterday, definitely. I'm supposedly goin to work out with Clay and Fat Man tomorrow at the Y. Sounds good. In my future posts i will probably bring back constant memories of her that are seared into my mind. So i guess i'm always in a notsalgic mood too. Almost all those memories are good and show why i think she cares for me, despite what anyone says. That's all for today. Talking to her and seein her face to face like that once again made my day. That's all for today. Peace.

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2003-04-09 16:02 (link)
only pussies wear band-aids.



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