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Manda Panda (scottsbabigrrl) wrote,
@ 2004-02-27 20:51:00
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    Current mood: blah

    yea i no
    i dont really use this live journal but yea im turning this into the one taht i just kinda keep to miself cuz no one nos this thing and the other one sum ppl read and that wasnt all that great. well umm i dont think that i need to but n e thing else into this rite now cuz i updated the other one but pisses me off that scott thinks that he is smal and he is a bay boyfriend. cuz he isnt he is like the best possible boyfriend ever. i meen yea we have sum ^s and downs but doesnt every relationship??? so its not like it happens to onli me and him. he can really piss me off sumtimes tho cuz i donno he can just be erk but i love him n e ways. a little lately i have been thinkin that i mite like rob a little bit but im not gonna tell n e one that cuz i no that i love scott wit the rest of mi hart...ther is jus like .1 percent of mi hart that has a feelin for rob and i dont want it to but stuff like taht is beyond mi control. i no that i will soon get over it tho. umm i dont think that i need to put n ething else into this and i am REALLY tired so i think that im gonna go to sleep.....maybe mi babi will call me if he gets back frum snowboardin sumtime....he is so evil.....we never go n e where together and it sucks and buggs me....oh well tho hopefully it will happen but after almost 10 months im kinda used to it....buhbyez

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