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someone named sam (scene_not_heard) wrote,
@ 2005-01-21 20:13:00
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    Current mood:artistic
    Current music:"london calling" - the clash

    life is soooo boring- i really want to go to the new salvation army but when can i??? why would i want to if i have to get dropped off by the madre??? also i want a haircut so send me picks of ones i would like ok? 14 days till model un!! is so excited. i really feel like taking photographs but we cant afford that class; there is nothing to shoot in the house and its like 2 degrees out. i want people in my pictures but i feel creepy doing that. my friend katie is burning be the clash "london calling" 2 disc compilation talk about excitment... once january is over there might be liberation from my academic hell.
    luv ya

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2005-01-29 11:21 (link)

me petite seour, j'ai besion de tu. appelle a moi et visite moi tres vite!!! im going slightly crazy still so ill try and call you later today or somthing cuz im stressed about life and its not so good love the kitty for me im sorry madre must drfive you to and worries about pictures, when your in college you can take photograp[hy classes 4 credit and have tons of subjects promise whats at the end of january?

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