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Barbie... no, really (scared_as_hell) wrote,
@ 2004-01-22 20:28:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:Tool - H.

    Days away I still feel you touching me, changing me, and considerately killing me.
    Update? No.

    Just kidding. Damn I'm hilarious. As I shoot myself.

    Moving on. Kanwal and I fought about salad yesterday. Yes, that's correct, we have nothing better to do than fight over salad. OK, but she said that she wanted to start eating healthier while we were at Dairy Queen (after ordering a banana split- go figure). Not a bad plan, but she said something about us dying of heart attacks if we made poor eating choices for the next year because I had said that I have little control over my food intake- I eat what is available because if I pass up a burger due to no healthy alternatives, I will likely get dizzy and perhaps black out... it's happened before. Wow. Longest sentence ever written. Anyway, I tried to interject by saying that I'm sure we could start eating healthier once we went on to college and were the ones who were buying the food. But, she insisted that if we didn't start now, we would surely die an obesity-caused death. Yah, there was some yell-age, and we didn't speak the rest of the way home. Good times.

    But, today was better. I had so much homework to do last night, and was content with it because I didn't have to work and had ample time to complete the aforementioned work. To make a boring story end quickly, I didn't do it. I take that back- I did English and half of Trig. So, I went to school today dreading all of my classes. But the goodness came. Mr Gray said he assigned us too many problems and would be lienent when grading our papers (Sympathy from Mr Gray? He must be dying.). Then, Mr Lancaster didn't check homework and gave us the answers anyway. I got to finish my Spanish homework before class, and I finished the Rosa Parks book for English that we took a test on today. So yah, woot to things working out.

    We got to work with Zach tonight. It was lovely. I wore his jacket, so I have lingering Zack smell. It's nice. Plus, he used big words that made me melt. Mmmm smart guys who can have a discussion with you about guns/environmental issues/communism while Kanwal is screaming (emphasizing, she calls it) at you that you're wrong. He and his girlfriend were fighting and it made Kanwal and I sad. How dare she make our beloved Zack distraught. Damn her to the deep south. Yes, the deep south... where nobody should have to live.

    Tool is god-like.

    "As the walls come down
    And as I look in your eyes,
    My fear begins to fade
    Recalling all of those times I have died
    And will die.
    It's all right.
    I don't mind.

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