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Say You Love Me (sayyouloveme) wrote,
@ 2004-07-22 23:13:00
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    Sunday through Thursday
    Sunday I was supposed to go down to April's. Julie decided that she didn't want to go and blah blah blah. I then went putt putting with April and Trevor. It was nice. I then come home and my parents are all surprised that I am back so early. I then decided to go down to see Justy. We did a lot of quality television watching. The next morning was game time. We played connect 4 and I lost every game. Then we did micky mouse yahtzee. Yahtzee is such a cool game. Then we played I don't remember. I think then we played outside. It was nice. Justy has this cool frisbee. I so want one of those. He then tried to make me play volley ball. It is nice to know that I still suck at it. Football throwing also sucked. What I thought was super fun was we played baseball throwing and batting with a tennis ball. I was greatly amused by that. We then went inside after getting attacked by mosquitos. We played the science game. Justy made me shower. Then we watched tv maybe and went to IHOP. I then ended up going home.

    Tuesday I had to wake up bright and early at 5:30. It sucked. Nobody should have to get up before the sun is up. My mom was being mean. I was supposed to be assistant manager and she made me clerk at the polls. She then gave me sticker duty. She thinks that I am incapable of doing anything. It pissed me off. I tried to make a better day of it though. I did lots of word searches. I was freezing cold. The whole time my mom pretty much stayed outside and chit chatted. Mind you she is supposed to be poll manager. She is horrible at it. And so mean sometimes. So she stayed outside a majority of the time and then complained when she got inside that it was too hot. It was really annoying. Everybody else was freezing too! Finally after about 13 hours I got to go home. I started to watch a thing about string theory. I still don't get it at all. Nick then invited me to go to the Mauharins mexican party. I was like wooo, a burrito sounds delicious. We get there and the restaurant isn't serving anymore. We end up driving to Canton, then Woodstock to Taco Mac. I got cheese sticks, they were alright. Nick flicks off some girl in the window she comes out drink in hand and apologizes to us for flicking us off and making sure that we didn't have a problem with her. She was very drunk and amusing. Then I went home and slept.

    I slept very long until 12 on Wednesday. It was very relaxing. I talked to Justy who convinced me to go to work. I went and worked about 2 to 7. I got home and I think we went out to pizza. I got some pasta and ate a bit of it. I then studied for my plant exam and did nothing else much.

    This morning I took the plant exam and did adequate on it. I missed 2 plants of things that I should have known, and missed 2 from the week I wasn't there. I got all the information section correct though. Dianna then gave her lecture. That woman is all about her plants. So enthusiastic. I worked on my potting that I am so far behind in and finally got home at about 2:15. From this point on I started being very lazy. I took a nap. When I woke I didn't do much. I talked to Nick about random stuff and then helped my dad weed some outside. Our flower beds are becoming overrun with weeds! I want to help but sometimes I just don't feel like it. I then got in the pool, showered and ate dinner. And that is pretty much where I am now.

    Why do compliments have to be accepted? I don't agree at all. I mean, I don't know. I guess what I am trying to say is sorry that I am like that.

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