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Say You Love Me (sayyouloveme) wrote,
@ 2004-07-08 22:50:00
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    Only 5 more to go!
    I have only five more treatments to go! I wonder why they call them treatments. They should call them torture. Lets see. Lets burn the inards of our cancer patients and make for higher chances of cancer in the long run! WOOO!

    Anyways, today I woke up around 9:30. My dad came and sat at my bed. This is one thing that I hate about living at home. People making sure I don't sleep all day. Sometimes I just want to sleep all day. I mean come on, I have cancer! This girl needs her rest! Well anyways, I called Dr. Reddy's office. I had an appointment between 1 and 2 to come receive fluids. So I loaded some stuff in the van for Good Will and ate some yogurt with oreos in it. It was surprisingly easy to eat! That made my morning good. My dad helped me hook up the cable in my room. Yeah! Cable tv! I loaded more stuff in the van and started to clean out the game closet when I heard my mom yelling at my dad. She is so mean sometimes. I showered and then messed around with the game closet some more. I talked to Ape a little on IM. She seems so bored, poor girl. She told me that BKing got fired from his job today. Poor kid, I really feel for him. It makes me not want to get a real job.

    My dad then took me to Cumming to get my fluids. It took 2 hours for the IV to distribute the 1,000mL bag. That was a long time. My dad and I passed the time by playing cards. He won about half of the games. Cards are so gay but a great way to pass the time. He then took me to my other doctor's appointment. That took about 13 minutes. Radiation rocks with the quickness factor. Then my dad took me to Dairy Queen. At Dairy Queen I asked for a small dipped cup. Instead I ended up with a large dipped cone. Wow, that thing was amazingly huge and a pain to eat! I mean it looks and tastes good. But when I took a bite of the candy coating, it put too much pressure on the icecream which made it spurt out at the tope of the cone. So the icecream was melting all over the place and got my hands all sticky. I felt like a three year old. Plus since my mouth hurts, I can't eat as quickly as I usually do. I also don't eat icecream very fast. It was a pain. When I got to the top of the cone I threw it away. It was just too frustrating.

    Then we picked up some pizzas for my family. We got two. My mom loves the artichoke garlic one. I picked out pepperoni and bananna peppers. The pizza tasted pretty good. It was too hard for me to eat though. I gave up after like 3/4 of a slice. Then I convinced my brother to play a game with me. The first one I picked out was called Purdino or something. It was so confusing. It is some sort of dice game that must make more sense with more people. My brother said it would make a good drinking game. He would think that. So instead we played Yahtzee. I had no idea that we owned that game. I must had played it a long time ago because in the box my name was written on the score sheet. I have a bad memory. I won one game and Nick won the other. He was going crazy with the die after a while. They were getting shook all over the floor. Then my dad came in there and was wondering why his ceiling fan wasn't working. My dad took out his voltmeter and said that there was no electricity running through it. My dad and his voltmeter is so funny. My brother was mocking him about it, it was great. I think my dad is still trying to resolve this issue.

    I am trying to play guitar again. I got one more measure on each song. It isn't perfect quite yet though.

    Oh yes, another thing I did today was get 300 text messages for $2.99. Now I can text message a lot without worrying about my 50 message limit. I went over by 50 last month. Now I can be cool!

    I am talking to Ape again. That girl is awesomely crazy. Justin called me twice today. I missed his calls both times. Hopefully I will get to talk to him later.

    Tomorrow I have to go to work. That means I need to get in bed in about 1 hour or 1.5 hours. It is going to be so hot. Then I get to go to radiation! Then I only have 4 more treatments to go! How exciting!

    I need to buy the upstart fest tickets tomorrow. Watch me forget.

    Did I mention that the other day my dad saw Justin and I sleeping in the same bed and didn't say a word! AWESOME!

    "Tyler's bike got stolen so I told him he could ride me instead..." Ape

    That makes me laugh everytime I see it.

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2004-07-09 00:12 (link)
Did you have to pay for the bigger ice cream?

Was Nick making fun of your Dad because he had a voltmeter? They're pretty useful for house crap.

You're going to be like a great guitar player by the end of the summer. Even more so than you are now!

You don't have to do lots of text messaging to be cool. I mean just look at me, I barely do any and I'm the coolest guy around.

I'm surprised your Dad hasn't said anything about us sleeping together, it's weird.

I hope it's not what I think it is.

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2004-07-09 00:19 (link)
I paid for a small cup.

You are a nerd because you know what a voltmeter is.

I am already an awesome guitar player.

Um, you mean I am more super cool than you because I text message?

I know. But Nick said he caught him doing something and never said anything.....

What? See the Halo?

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Re: Dude!
2004-07-09 00:27 (link)
You know what a voltmeter is too though, so don't get to high on yourself.

You certainly are an awesome guitar player already, you're just getting even better.

Yeah, you wish you were more super cool than I am. No one can be as super cool as me.

Weird, I guess your Dad would feel just as uncomfortable talking about it to you as you would be talking about it to him.

And yeah right, I've looked for the halo and it's certainly not there. It's long gone.

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I crack myself up!
2004-07-13 12:57 (link)
Too bad he got a replacement bike for the end of the year...


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