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Say You Love Me (sayyouloveme) wrote,
@ 2004-06-08 23:21:00
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    Long day
    I visited Justin on Friday. We went to see Shrek 2. I really enjoyed it. I had a super sweet time with him. His dad and him made spaghetti and we ate that and watched VH1's most metal moments or something. It was just sweet sitting there with him. Then we drove what seemed like forever to the movies. When we got there, the show that we went to see wasn't at that time. We went back and talked in the car. Then we went to the later show. What a good movie that was. I had fun on the drive home teasing him. He is so fun to pick on. Then we went to sleep. I had to wake up super early it seemed. It was a short visit but really fun. I worked Saturday and went out to eat with my family during the night. My mom made it a really long trip. I made her take me home at about 12:30 while she was still delivering the Siren Supper things. I went to work and then to my apartment. Justin beat me there. We talked to Ape for a bit and then we decided to go swimming. There was an annoying kid who made fun of my baldness. It didn't really hurt my feelings. It made me feel sad that a kid would be mean like that though. We went to Gondiliers and ate a lot of pizza. I had a good time with him. We came back and I wanted to watch a movie. We put the movie in and I was out like a light. Monday... there is no other word for it except boring. The weather sucked, Parchessi sucked, and just being bored sucked. We got ice cream and that was like a big treat. We both ate 2 portions. When he left, I was sad. Today I worked and left early and slept all afternoon. I went to Outback with my family. It wasn't exciting or anything.

    I have been emailing Dr. Koether. She told me that my grades suck too much to go to graduate school. I think that I decided today that I am going to be a teacher. I think that I may like it. I don't know though. I wish that I could do something special with my life. Instead I am going to be poor Ms. Ruggiero teaching school. At least I will have summer vacation. Probably alone. That is how I destin my life. As it seems now Justin won't be around much longer if I keep annoying him so much. I am just so jealous of him. He is better than me at Chemistry and he isn't even a Chemistry major. I know that I should be happy or what not. I just want to do something worthwhile with my life. I don't think it will ever happen. I see myself being a teacher and still crying and being retarded about not doing anything with my life.

    In other news, my brother fell off of a cherry picker and crashed into the windshield of the truck that was attached to the cherry picker. Luckily he only has one tiny scratch on him. I bet that he will be super sore tomorrow. What a lucky boy. I hope OSHA goes after his company. There should be 2 people at installs so this stuff doesn't happen. What happened was that the truck battery died and the cherry picker couldn't go back down. So Nick hopped onto the roof of the building. He then proceeded to fall off of the roof of the building.

    "Unless you are a late bloomer, graduate school will be difficult for you to get into. You need a 3.0 at a minimum."

    What a waste of life.

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Yes it was.
2004-06-09 00:03 (link)
I had a great time with you on Friday and Sunday and yesterday, even if yesterday was boring at times. I'm glad you liked that spaghetti I cooked, I didn't think you would. I like it when you tease me, even if it can be frustrating, it's all in good fun.

Parchessi sucked only because you lost at it, but you came back really well. And last night I had a really great time playing Yahtzee and Chinese Checkers with you, it was so much fun. We were laughing a lot and kidding around, it was just really fun. I wish I didn't have to leave you last night, I really wanted to stay there and hold you all night.

Your brother is lucky. That will make for an interesting conversation with him at some point.

I will be around for much longer than you probably think.

I love you.

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Way too long.
2004-06-09 00:08 (link)
I was surprised that I liked that spaghetti. I am not the come out of a jar kind of girl.

I think that you liked Chinese Checkers cause you beat me once. Same with Yahtzee. It was just a good ole' silly time.

I think my brother is like a cat, he has about 5 more lives to go.

Isn't it funny how I don't get sad very often when you are around? Yet when you are away I am horrible?

That means that you must constantly surround me.

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Never too long with you.
2004-06-09 23:09 (link)
Games are always fun when you win, but they're still fun too even when you lose. Otherwise, I'd never have kept playing Chinese Checkers or Yahtzee or Uno with you because you used to always beat me.

I'm glad that you're rarely sad around me, might mean that I have a positive effect on you. But I just like it because it must mean that I make you happy, which is all I want to do.

That's the plan.

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