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Say You Love Me (sayyouloveme) wrote,
@ 2004-05-22 23:24:00
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    I head down the only road.
    I just want to throw away everything that we had. I really hate what you have become. I don't like what you do to yourself. I don't like the wimpy stupid person that you have grown into. What happened to that happy go lucky person? The one that didn't need to be stupid to be awesome? I think that you will look back and regret this part in your life. Don't be a loser.

    Yesterday Justin came over and went swimming with me. It was nice. Then we washed my dog. Then we showered and went to the grocery to get some ingredients for our homemade supper. It turned out delicious! Then we watched Snatch. I also learned that snatch is another word for pussy. Who would have known? I have just lived under my rock for my entire life or something. In a way I like it.

    Then he pretty much stayed with me until I fell asleep. He then went to Nick's room. I woke him up at 8:30 and made him sleep in my bed with me. It was sweet. Then we had fabulous lunch. Leftover Pizza Hut pizza and the leftover delicious dinner from last night.

    I asked my boss if I could do some propagating during the summer. He probably is beginning to think that I want this as a career. No, I just need money for the summer. Sorry.

    Today was a scene from Office Space. Hey Danielle come here a minute. I need to talk to you and Emily. Do you two know where to send customers to get soil? Apparently there was a customer roaming around with no direction on how to get soil loaded in his car. Then he asked "Did you get that memo."

    Jennifer just told me that there is a new Pchem prof. Hopefully I won't be fucked then in the fall.

    Properly fucked?

    I have been listening to Hole on my little drives to work. I like to pull out those cds that haven't been played in a while. Just brings back memories or whatever from when I first started listening to those bands.

    I am just so glad that you picked me.

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Was it the road less traveled? If so, you won't have to worry about traffic.
2004-05-23 01:42 (link)
I had a great time with you yesterday!

Snatch....pussy....they're just so synonomous with eact other, it hardly needs explaining.

You do not want to work at Scottsdale for a career, you would really really hate it. Plus you would make barely any money.

Seeing those people walk faster than we were moving in the car when you were taking me to the airshow was a total Office Space moment, it was hilarious.

"PC Load Letter....what the fuck does that mean?" Ha!

Something tells me that you will still be fucked in the fall. I'll make sure of that.

You picked me.

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It was a long country road.
2004-05-23 09:27 (link)
I had a super time too!

Yes, it needed explaining. Because in my sweet innocent mind I didn't think like that.

I probably do not want to work at Scottsdale for a career. But, I can't get another job right now so I am going to milk it for what it is worth.

Life is full of Office Space moments. That is what makes it a great movie. Because we can identify with it.

Hey.... none of that. Fucked is a derogatory term.

Nah, you picked me.

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They're all long country roads
2004-05-23 17:41 (link)
Sweet innocent mind...hardly, just ill-informed. Your's is almost as dirty and twisted as mine.

Now you're making me want to watch Office Space again. "Why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam?"

You know that you want it.

I'm the lucky one.

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2004-05-23 22:52 (link)
you two are way too cute...
hey since you weren't in school last semester, do you know when you're going to start up again and/or graduate?
Tara said she'd close the bar to let me throw a graduation party there this december, how cool would that be? just trying to figure out if i can afford it....

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2004-05-23 23:02 (link)
I am going to go back in the fall. I get to graduate in the spring! All the classes that I need are pretty much in spring. woo.

Everyone's graduating!

That would be super cool. You could get a band to play or something and get buzzed with all your friends.

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beginning better not be about me
2004-05-24 14:03 (link)
you left the trash out on the porch and when I walked outside I was bumbarded by a TRILLION angry hungry biting killer ants....
Luckily instead of leaving you to deal with it.. I killed those suckers with some death spray and won the war...
but i aint no touchin no trash bag with ants...

have you ever heard my terror of ants? cause I have one... and i was in terror... no, like terror...

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Re: beginning better not be about me
2004-05-24 20:40 (link)
I remember you telling some story about your grandparents and ants or something.

They are nasty little creatures. At least you had the death spray.

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