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Say You Love Me (sayyouloveme) wrote,
@ 2004-05-12 01:30:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Heartbreaker by that Pat Benertar or whatever.

    And now you shall have to update.
    I hate rain and thunderstorms. Everyday since Sunday has been the same. I thought that April flowers bring May flowers. It rained like 2 times in April.

    Six Flays on Friday!

    Throwdown on Thursday!

    Eviction on.... June 31.

    Those stupid fucks at the apartment said I didn't pay my rent. Then why did they cash my check? Retards.

    Luckily I have a bank who takes a photo of the cashed check. Fuckers.

    Last week with Justin was nice. We went on a bike ride and a picnic. We also tried to play dominos. It is too hard. I also kicked his ass in Chinese Checkers a gizalion times. I rock.

    I just finished reading my softcore porn book. What a cheesey retarded ending. Maybe I should read one with pictures....

    I spent way to much time working on my blurty layout. It came out cute. It isn't what I really wanted but it is good enough. This phase has passed. Time to work on a new one.

    I hate drama in a way. In this I mean my personal drama. I hate cancer, I hate having no money. I hate driving.

    April you better not kill Mrs. Sweetie because of your road rage. But since she is yours now....

    I think that PETA would never take me as a member. I have two starving fish, an obese dog, and a hampster that went crazy for a while.

    I haven't had chicken in I don't remember how long. And I don't miss it. I like bologna though. I think that I could be veggie. It is just one of those things that I have to try to buckle down on and do. I also need to stop eating so much god damned junk food. When will I learn? When I am 300 pounds or what?

    Only 2 more chemo treatments! I am dreading going tomorrow though. Isick is going with me. I will make him do word searches with me or something. Maybe color. Who knows?

    I think that when I grow up I would like to live in a pedestrian community. A place where I could walk to the grocery and work. Of course I would still want a big yard in a peaceful neighborhood. In a preferably warm location near a large body of water....

    I hope we're forever.

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