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Say You Love Me (sayyouloveme) wrote,
@ 2004-04-06 23:54:00
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    Good grief. I am so bored. I am lonely. I have no friends. I have nothing to look forward to each day except working. Then I come home and sit and ponder on what to do with the rest of my night. It usually ends up with me going to bed with good intentions to do something the next day. Except that doesn't happen. I repeat history and am disapointed with the day.

    The only thing that I look forward to each day is working. At least I feel semi-important there. Then there is always that customer that makes me feel stupid. When will I find my little niche?

    I think that I am just going to cry myself to sleep for some reason. It just feels like one of those nights.

    Another day.... another time.... I think about you to pass the time. I miss your smile and your warmth and I just want you to be there will me all the time telling me little sweet lies and telling me that you will always be mine.

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I know just what you need, I might just have the thing, I know what you'd pay to see...
2004-04-06 23:15 (link)
That very first part made me think of Charlie Brown. HA. I love that comic, it's such a classic.

I've never told you a lie, it's all true to me.

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What's that?
2004-04-06 23:18 (link)
I am really not amused by Charlie Brown. I wrote Good Grief instead of fucking shit because I am trying to lay off the swearing.

I guess I fucked that up. Oh damn, I did it again.


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That's part of a Soul Asylum song, your "Frustration" thing made me think of it
2004-04-06 23:22 (link)
How could you not like Charlie Brown? At least you would like Get Fuzzy if you ever read it, because that comic is just so fucking hilarious, I laugh at that one everyday. I did just a few minutes ago even.

You're trying not to cuss as much? I didn't know that. Good for you. Way to go! Sometimes I wish I didn't cuss but I'll save that for another day.

You know it.

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I don't really like that band. They annoy me.
2004-04-06 23:24 (link)
It is the same thing like how Conan doesn't amuse me either. I really prefer Leno.

I am really not sure if I can share your humor. You find things that are funny all the time that I am not amused by.

Yeah, I am trying. I am not doing a very good job at it. I am trying to be more girly. And girly girls don't swear.

Wish I could believe it.

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Well I only like 3 of their songs, but I don't really even know any others by them.
2004-04-06 23:29 (link)
Leno is funny yes, his Jay Walking things are hilarious. But Conan is the best to me.

Yeah I've picked up on that. But I find things that are funny that practically no one else finds even remotely funny either, so you're not alone in that regard. It's a good thing I can laugh alone, because I do it a lot.

Girly Girls swear. I'd consider Erica a girly girl type, and even she swears occasionally. To me the best part about not swearing would be the impact of the words when you did swear, they would mean so much more if you rarely used them.

I think you will eventually.

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I put them in the same category as gin blossoms.
2004-04-06 23:32 (link)
His headlines last night were pretty funny too. My brother and I were laughing our butts off.

That is true. At least the next time when I say Fucking Shit everyone will turn around and be like wow... she must be really mad.

I doubt it. Would be nice though.

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Haha, I like a few of their songs too.
2004-04-06 23:36 (link)
Yeah those are really funny. And I like it when he goes over wedding names, those tend to be funny.

Conan does a bit that's like Headlines but he always puts in a little box with something they wrote, usually it's pretty funny too, just not real.

Exactly. It makes a much bigger impact when people don't expect it out of you.

I believe that you will, regardless of how long it takes.

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Re: Haha, I like a few of their songs too.
2004-04-07 14:16 (link)
all i know is dont fucking ever say forever... cause there is no such thing...
watch what you say and what you think you'll mean for a long time...

I dont want my dan to be hurting as much as i do...

cause sometimes, i dont even want to live.

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