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Say You Love Me (sayyouloveme) wrote,
@ 2004-02-02 12:57:00
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    They call me baby driver... is that what they say?
    Today is a new day. I am so excited about going back to my apartment. Granted it is to pay rent, but freedom at last, at last. I am thinking about bringing my computer over here, but that will just convince me to stay here more! NO CAN DO.

    The radiation consultation is at 2 today. I am sort of nervous. At least it is a consultation and nothing more I think. Next week starts the zapping I think.

    I started my scrapbook yesterday. I want to do more, but I want to put the pictures in it. Too much time on my hands.

    I haven't been called into work at all this week yet. I need money people! I mean who usually volunteers to take extra hours? Not normal people. Watch them call me bright and early tomorrow morning when I am at my apartment. That is my luck.

    Erica seems really down lately about boys. I don't know what even to do about her anymore. Doesn't her faith help her. OH wait, it is all fake. Ouch, that was mean.

    Straight from Shenequa's Info....
    And if you are pure in heart and deed you will all go to a beautiful place call heaven...
    Ha ha I'm yankin ya, you will just rot in the ground!

    No wonder I like that girl. Oh wait, it is from family guy. Still funny though.

    Exactly 1 month ago yesterday I had surgery. And that next Wednesday I found out that I had cancer. It is amazing how everything can just change in an instant.

    But has it really changed? I still feel the same. I feel like the goofy stupid girl that I have always been.

    Don't you hear me? Cause I am calling.

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I hadn't heard them say that, but if that's what they say.
2004-02-03 19:07 (link)
Everyday is a new day.

Erica just needs to go out and find a boy. Stop looking for the perfect person. She really needs to get laid. Not really, but you know what I mean.

I just watched that Family Guy episode. I think it even came on last night. What a great show.

You seem like the same girl to me. You're still the girl I fell in love with.

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