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Say You Love Me (sayyouloveme) wrote,
@ 2004-01-28 22:11:00
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    You're my pride and joy...
    Wednesday...... What did I do....

    I woke up relatively early at about 10 I think. I ate some breakfast, showered, and then sent myself on my way. I dropped an order off at Mrs. Beckers, I went to Wal-Mart to try to get tetris. That was a failure. I went to the doctor's to get my CT Films. I went to some other place for my mom, paid my EMC bill and went to another Wal-Mart to get my tetris game (another failure), then back to my apartment. Then I left for Justy's. I had a good time with him as always. We watched an episode of Family Guy. He made me some good pasta with olives. Then he went through my guitar book and corrected some tab for me. We also looked at internships that we probably will never apply for and then I think I played some shitty guitar for him. After that was bed time.

    This morning I woke up. I couldn't eat because I had to fast. I was so thirsty. My mom called me two times in 20 minutes trying to make sure that I was awake. Clever me called her right when I was on the 575 part of the highway so she knew how long it would take me to get home. Then the disasters began. Before my doctor's appointment, she made me fill up the gas and then pick up coupons from Scottsdale. Then on our ride to St. Joseph's, she was telling me how I should be moving back home and how good it will be. And how I will feel shitty, and how I shouldn't make any 'drastic' decisions for the next year. By drastic she means moving out again. The only reason I shouldn't is if I am sick. You won't know. She is so fucking negative. She is the reason that I have Hodgkin's. "God forbid if you need treatment." All of her friends know about me. It makes me feel awkward, like she is using me as a pity party. I don't want to be focused on. I will be perfectly fine for summer! I have to be! This is going to be my last summer of college. Well, last year technically was supposed to be, but whatever. "If you don't get your internship this summer, you could babysit." Mom! I am not 14 anymore. I need to look for a 'real' job! I was so annoyed with her. So this was the bad mentality that I had when we finally got to St. Joseph's. Then of course while we were in the waiting room she talked to me forever about the stupid shit she is designing. I DON'T CARE! Finally they called me back and she went out to the hospital's main lobby. I only stayed back for a bit then was sent back to the waiting room. But finally my mom was gone. I got to read some of my book. They called me back again and I had to sit in this room with a dentist sort of chair. Finally a nurse came in. Oh, the boy that brought me back was like my age. He had tattoos and such. Not fair. He has a better job than me. Then I had to get an IV. They took blood and gave me some sort of injection where I couldnt' move for 45 minutes. I mean I could move, but it doesn't work as well if you move. Well, they consider reading too much movement. So, they dim the lights and I try to take a nap. It was tough. I heard a rod stewart song and I wanted to get up and dance, but I couldn't because I had to lay still. It was the worst nap of my life. Then they finally came back for me. I had to change into those stupid gowns. I hate that shit. Here I am half naked and all these guys are around. Doctor's nurses, the kid my age. I felt really uncomfortable. They laid me down in one of those stretchers and put me through the donut. They gave me a catscan first and then did the PET Scan. It sucked. They did like 6 different scans each lasting 5 minutes. I had to look through a tube for 30 minutes without moving. What a bore! I think that I understand why people are nervous when they go through those things. They really can cause clausterphobia. I was alright though. Oh yeah, stupid ass me forgot to take my watch off during the scan. Hopefully it won't fuck up the scan too much. I can just imagine. "She has a watch-shaped tumor on her wrist. Oh wait, it is a watch." I finally was done with that and got to leave with my mom. She was bitching about how it took so long and how hungry she was. Well, it was her damn fault she didn't eat anything. Not mine.

    We went to Kids R Us and got Kathy a giraffe blanket. It was cute. Then we went to Red Lobster for lunch. I am getting sick of eating there. The inital service was horrible. The host never came to seat us. I finally went to the smoking section and told the bartender that we were going to be sitting there because the host never came back. I even got our own menus. The food was pretty good, but the biscuits sucked for once.

    Then we went to Pier One to get a basket for Kathy. By the time we got home, we had to wrap the presents and leave. I was in a super cranky mood by this time. I was tired from being in the car all day and being with my mom all day. I had to help wrap the presents. I put cool ribbon on each package. I have to say out of all the presents there, ours was the best. It was a nice shower though. I got to see Judy. I miss her. What a nice lady.

    Now here I am. I am doing my typical updating and chatting online. Yes, this is the life.

    Diet for Wednesday...
    I don't remember...
    Cereal and orange juice in the morning,
    cheese quesadilla
    pasta with olives

    m&m cookie bar because I was starving after the doctors and I preplanned and brought it with me
    1 cheese biscuit... Not even one. They were gross
    2 cherry cokes.
    pasta with alfredo sauce
    cheese dip
    cheese enchillada
    another soda or 2

    That is enough. I had to make up today for fasting as they call it.

    Money, I haven't spent any in the past 2 days except the paper I bought my mom, and hopefully she will reimburse me. I stapled the tag right to the top of the receipt as a reminder. I also paid the EMC bill. But see, I don't count those because, I have to pay the bills. It isn't like shopping for new clothes.

    I miss my apartment. I miss my new desk. I miss my freedom. I miss not knowing that I had cancer. I miss school. I miss April and Casey McGee. I really don't want to move back home!

    "love me when I'm gone"

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You're my sweet little baby, and I'm your little lover boy
2004-01-29 23:20 (link)
You're mom is making you do so many things for her. Imagine it being like this everyday while you're at home with nothing to do.

I had a great time with you last night. And those olives really did make the pasta taste better.

One time when your mom is bitching to you about stuff or lecturing you on something stupid you should just tell her to shut up. Or just interrupt her with something that doesn't relate at all. See how she likes that.

That pet scan does sound super boring. At least it wasn't painful though. Boredom you can deal with.

Y'all bought so many things for that baby. What happened to just bringing one gift?

And no you didn't have to make up for fasting this morning. Your body doesn't remember not eating earlier in the day after you've eaten something later. And soda is bad, stop drinking that, its pure sugar.

Maybe staying at home won't be that bad....

I miss you.

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I don't know much more than that...
2004-01-29 23:38 (link)
Yeah, this is why I don't want to move home.

Always fun with slumber parties!

Yah, it will probably get me a slap in the face.

Super boring. I was counting like one -mississippi....

My mom is competitive like me. So, she always has to out do everybody else.

I know. Soda is BAD.

Staying at home is going to suck so bad. I am trying to be positive but I know that it really is going to suck.

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Good song anyways
2004-01-29 23:46 (link)
You put up with too much of your mom's crap, it isn't fair.

Yes soda is bad. Its like 100 calories in every can or something like that, just empty calories. Good thing I didn't let you have any ice cream last night.

Maybe staying home won't be that bad. You'll get to see Dante a lot more and when it warms up you can go swimming a lot.

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2004-01-29 23:50 (link)
Right, it isn't fair. I have to get balls and deal with it. I am starting too.

Yah, soda is really bad. I went a long time without drinking it and there I go right back to it.

Ok. So I will be able to spend more time with my dog, swim, and live at home. I also have no friends that live near me except for Isick. My mom drives me nuts. I wouldn't be able to see you much. Yeah, that doesn't sound bad.

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You should learn how to play it.
2004-01-29 23:59 (link)
Yeah you've started telling your mom more stuff than I would've expected you to. Next you can tell her that you're gonna sleep at my place. :-)

Yeah I'm gonna miss not being able to see you as much. I'll have to come visit you more often.

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