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Say You Love Me (sayyouloveme) wrote,
@ 2004-01-25 21:32:00
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    "This is the real motherfucking deal ya'll"

    Thursday night was Slumber Party January 22, 2004! April came over and I basically went to sleep. Friday morning I woke up at it seemed the crack of dawn and went to get my Cat Scan. I had to drink more of that chalky milkshake. Then they gave me an IV. The IV was the weirdest feeling that I have ever had. It made my entire body warm and I started twitching involuntarily and such. I felt like I had to pee really bad, but I didn't. It was a really neat feeling. The whole Cat Scan instrument was interesting. Who thought of making a spinning X-Ray machine?

    After that I went to Burger King with my dad and then to Lowe's. I next went home and tried going back to sleep but my mom made me do a project for her. So I did. Then I went back to sleep. Eventually April woke up too. We ate nothing but junk food all day. We had quality time reading our books, which was fun. We didn't get to finish them which sucked. I ended up leaving mine at the apartment, and she left hers in my car. We played with Play Dough and went to McDonalds later on with Isick to get more McDonald toys which really sucked because they ended up being the same ones. Isick and I then played Dream Phone with April and I beat her, considering that I now understand how to play. Isick and I then played some Chinese Checkers. I love that game. It is much more fun with more than 2 people though. Then we headed over to Beale Street. It was a good time. Justin came as well as Holly, Amanda, and her friend. I had a good time talking to Justin and Isick was kind and bought me some chile and my cherry coke. I dropped him off and went to sleep.

    Saturday I had to work. It was busy so it went by fairly quickly. I made lots of signs. After work I went to see Justy. We watched Bad Boys and he made me some really good chicken, green beans, and rice. I really enjoyed it. Then I fell asleep.

    Sunday morning Justin made me cinnamon toast crunch cereal. He is amazing. Then I had to leave and go to work again. We had 3 customers, and zero sales all day. What a waste of time. I did get a lot of signs made though.

    Tonight we went to Noodle something in Merchant's Walk. The food was excellent minus the 40 minute drive. Ridiculous. The food was great. Lots of vegetables.

    Justin said that in order for me to be more healthy, I should write down everything that I eat and do a calorie count. I don't think that I have the patience for the calorie count, so I will just write down everything.

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch with 2% milk.
    2 cookies as soon as I got to work.
    no, make that 3.
    1/2 of a can of Progresso Minestrone Soup
    A mug of hot chocolate
    A cookie and mint candy bar
    A big bowl of Fun noodles. It has lots of vegetables in it.
    1/2 a cup of Mr. Pibb
    1 slightly large bowl of peanut butter chocolate icecream.

    And I wonder why I keep gaining weight.

    These are my new semester goals.

    Work on my scrapbook
    Eat healthier
    Exercise or just like walk my dog or something until my hip gets better
    Work my ass off until my treatment starts
    Play guitar
    Make a kick ass Live Journal
    Make Justy get a Live Journal so I only have to deal with one journal site
    Stop playing on the computer so much
    Maybe finish my frog collage and the puzzles that I started
    Get rid of my cancer

    I really love my Justy. He is the best boy and I only want him.

    "I think, I sink and I die"
    I think that is it. I guarantee I won't do half of those things.

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sounds like you had a fun weekend
2004-01-25 23:35 (link)
I wish I could've been at your slumber party. But I still think our's are the bestest.

Yeah that cat scan thing is like all physics, its awesome. Don't have any real clue how it works and I know it'd be way over my head anyways, but its cool.

I haven't played chinese checkers in forever. I don't even remember how to play. And I think regular checkers is more my style anyways.

Chili is good. Steak and Shake makes really good chili. I used to get canned chili but its jus got too much salt so I don't get it anymore.

I had a great time with you last night. I liked cooking for you and liked laying down with you to watch the movie and cuddle with you. And hey, I offered to make you some pancakes but you didn't want any, you wanted the cereal instead, so yeah.

At least you got to stay inside all day at work, even if you were bored all day.

You don't need patience to count calories, its not like a hard science or anything. All you have to do is look at the label, not hard. Basically the only thing on your list there that would be hard to get the calorie count for was what you ate at dinner. And remember that for every mile you run you only burn about about 100 calories, so it takes a lot of work.

You can so do all of those goals you wrote down. Except for one, I'm not getting another journal, so don't think I'm gonna switch again.

I love my sweetie more than anything in the world.

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It really was!
2004-01-25 23:44 (link)
Yes, we do have the best slumber parties!

Physics is cool in some aspects I guess. Useful at least.

I like chinese checkers better. I wonder why you don't. I guess you don't like chinese people or something.

I thought the chile that I had at the bar was boring, but it had a lot of beans in it, which I really like.

Whatever, you cooked really good cereal. I am sure that you baked every bit of it.

It was cold and boring in the barn, but better than being out in the rain.

I guess that I have a lot of running to do. About 15 pounds worth of running off to do.

COMON, just one more journal. Then we will only have 1 site to ever look at again!


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You need more of those.
2004-01-25 23:54 (link)
I haven't played chinese checkers recently enough to know if I like it better than regular checkers. And I think it would be more of not liking chinese food than chinese people.

Yeah the beans in the chili is usually the best part, along with the meat. So good.

Hope you remember to bring some of those cereal bars down here the next time you sleep over cuz I don't think my cereal likes being made fun of.

15 pounds is not just something you can run off. It requires both exercise and a good healthy diet. And candy and cookies and chocolate aren't included either. Those are the 3 C's that you can't have.

And no. I already switched journals once, there's no need for me to get another. Why can't you just stay with this one?


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They are when you are there.
2004-01-26 00:02 (link)
Chinese food is awesome. But only if you like vegetables, which you don't.

I have really aquired a taste for ground beef recently. Finally a different type of food to eat!

Yeah, I will bring some cereal bars if you eat that poptart that I gave you.

The 3 C's... Now that is good.

Why, Why you ask? I will tell you. I like being able to look at my friend's page and all of the journals that I comment are on the same page. That is why.

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They certainly are.
2004-01-26 00:06 (link)
That's right, can't stand them vegetables. That's why I have to take vitamins.

See I told you ground beef was good. Next stop, fish. :-P

Nope I don't see that happening. That poptart is a little too old for me to eat. I'd rather save it and keep it as a reminder of that first night I spent with you that eat it and get sick.

Yep the 3 C's, remember them, and don't eat them.

Then I suggest you get your other friends to move then, cuz I'm not going to. Having to set up everything again is a pain, why do you think I never change my settings on here?

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Yup Yup
2004-01-26 00:15 (link)
I will NOT eat fish. I hate it. It smells so gross. Why would anyone eat something that smells so fucking bad?

It would be the crunchiest poptart. MMMMM.

:( because you don't want to be cool enough to be on Livejournal.

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Uh huh.
2004-01-26 00:20 (link)
No kind of meat smells good before you cook it. Onions fucking stink too but you still eat them.

Nah, I still think I'll just leave it in the wrapper.

I guess that has to be the reason. I'd rather be the one to stand on his own than be in the crowd, at least in this case.

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