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julian (savoytruffle) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 01:19:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:beatles-flying

    my eye is twitching like crazy right now,,,,,,i feel like thom yorke.
    itsbeen doing this alllday...sssoannoying. its practically halfcloseddd!.

    ((.justgot backfrom chuurch. and starbucks, wherei justlost 10years offmy life from secondhandsmoke.))

    >>>>>>>>>carloss mom didnt let me drive last the ""show""" was...interesting,
    the first band was crap, and the second band, areyoueadyforthis, E V E 6. THEwierdestthin g. they usedtobe one of my f a v o u r i t e bands when i was maybe 13. kristieremembers. fagenson. i barely even w a t c h e d themthough. i regret it now.                      even if it was a lllllllittle embaraassing knowing all the songs, i shouldve stayedand watched the whole thing. ifilmed part of one song, but stopped cause i was afraid my batterywould die,,,plusifeltlikeanidiot.                    mmmmmmmm so i went outsideandwastedmytime talking to some 16yearoldguy. i feel kindofbadnow cause i think i was a little mean. when theres anawkwardmoment i sometimes come off mean. bby the time i went back inside they were inthemiddle of ""insideout"" and i realized, hmmmmi shouldve watched them.

                   >>>>the nekst band, accep   ..that oneband weve seen a few times, was great. i knew all the songs they played, which is prettyamusing. i e v e n d a n c e d for a fewseconds until i caughtmyself and rrealized what i was doing...
    !! their lamefans started m o s h i n g like frickinidiots. it pissed me off ssssomuch i wouldveleftbut i had to stay and film.
    my armis stillsore from filming.////

    >>>>>>>joanofarc was terrrriblyannoying.<<<<<<<<

    toobad we had to leave a little early...early as in 1200 because j o a n o f a r c keptgoingandgoing. he never ended. he was still playing when we left! /////////................................

    >next thursday we should tryout our "camry plan""" aka "attick deception plan" aka ""julian drivingtoseewatashi plan""..

    never eat tacos from jack in the box. if you must, eat them in the dark. you really dont want to see what youre eating.

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2003-06-22 15:04 (link)
so more sad news.....MY FAMILY IS STAYING THE WHOLE WEEK. giulie, im gonna run away. too much. i am never ever ever ever gonna have kids now.

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